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Creating a blog to promote your business

A blog is a fantastic way to promote your business and provide customers with information and value. There is no excuse to not have a business blog. There are so many free blog hosting sites out there that even if you can't pay to have a custom blog platform, you can still have a blog for your website, and business. Where you host your blog is not going to matter nearly as much as what you put on it. A blog can only help you build your business if the content is valuable. Content is key in all aspects of using social media to build your business. Here are some tips for blogging:

The what not to do:
1. Don't write in an inconsistent timeframe. People are not going to visit your blog often or stick with you if they don't know when to expect information to be posted. Do your best to not be inconsistent.

2. Don't write posts as product ads or service ads. Nobody wants to reach a sales pitch. Instead provide valuable information to your readers, and if you happen to be able to plug yourself in it, go for it. But try to keep it 50 posts without you self-promoting for every one that you do self-promote in.
3. Don't write at your readers- You do not want to write as if you are having a one way conversation. Instead, be engaging, and ask for comments and responses. Ask questions, answer questions, and make it social, not a soapbox.
4. Don't be formal. One of the best things about a blog is that you don't have to stand on formalities. It is a place where you can break some of the rules, and express opinions, and basically show some personality. People expect that from a blog, so don't think that because it is a business blog it has to be stuffy and formal.

The to do:
1. If you can, show your passion and interest in the industry you are part of and the product and service you offer. You want to convey to your readers how much you care about what you do. It will make them care about it too.
2. Take the position of expert, and back it up with valuable content and information. If you doubt yourself, your readers will doubt you. So, position yourself as an expert and offer yourself as a great source for information on a specific topics area.
3. Try to always write about things that are relevant and interesting for your market. You want to keep the interest of your readers, so figure out what they want to hear about, and write about that.
4. Make sure if someone comments that you comment back. It will help customers know that you are reading their feedback, and will encourage them to continue reading and commenting.

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