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Creating a full proof business profile

Your business profile on the various social media networks is important, as it is one of the frontline sources for information about your company. The following is a look at establishing a profile on a network, and how to make it great:

1. Be a person, not a company- While you want your company name and logo to be part of your profile, you don't want it to be the main part. You need to humanize your profile as people want to connect with other people, not just a nameless, faceless company. So, make the profile of the person who runs the company, Bob from This or That Company. Don't expect people to want to connect if you only have a logo and company name.
2. Don't add friends until you have your profile done. You want to fill it out completely as a lot of the people who consider whether or not to follow you, add you, or join your circle will do so based on what you fill out in your profile.
3. Make it interesting by adding some pictures, and personalizing the profile. A boring profile is not going to get a second look. One with some personality and interest will.
4. Use an RSS feed so that when you blog, they are automatically posted to your profile. You want to make sure that those in your circle on one aspect of social media have access to information posted on another part of your social media.
5. Part of your profile should include your connections. You want to join groups where your potential customers are connecting, and get conversations going where you contribute and add value. This will help you become better known in the target circles.
6. Remember to be you. It is important to not be fake or fudge information, this is social media, and it requires social interaction. It is not a personals ad, and should not be written that way. Instead, be genuine.
7. Inform and entertain. This is a great combination for getting interest. You can be creative, fun, funny, and yourself while filling in the pertinent information about your credentials.
8. Add a picture. Profiles have no credibility without a picture, and many people will think that it is the work of a spammer, not a real person. Not only should you post a picture, but change it from time to time, and try not to make it always be one of you in a suit or a professional setting. Be real, it will get a better response.
9. Make sure your profile offers the information to find out more about you with links to blogs, websites, and other places you are online. This helps increase your search engine visibility, but also adds convenience for customers.
10. Keep it current. It is really important that if you change locations, websites, phone numbers, blog addresses, etc. that you update that information immediately to your profiles.

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