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Proper SEO video marketing tips

There are several different types of social media marketing. Many people think of Facebook and Twitter as the only sources but YouTube and blogs are two other very popular forms of social media marketing. Using SEO video marketing is a great way to help your marketing message to go viral and to create a strong image for your company. If you haven't started using SEO video marketing, it is about time you did! YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet and you can post videos here and earn advertising revenue from them along with becoming a "YouTube sensation" and gaining a lot of publicity and notoriety for it.

A video needs to be something that you have a lot of knowledge about. This is the best way to market your company because you are showing others that you do know what you are talking about and you have been able to strengthen your reputation.

Uploading a video is easy to do but to ensure the video will be able to gain the visibility you need you have to look at all the sources that are out there and the timeliness of posting the video. A good video will become its own index and using it for link building is another way in which you can strengthen your company's online visibility.

Create a list of your goals for your video. Do you want to create a video that is going to be educational and informative, raise awareness, or will make people laugh? You need to make a list of this information in order to help you create the right type of marketing for the video and to get people to refer it to their friends. Here are some things that will be able to help you properly define the goals for your video:
- Do you want the video to focus on getting views? If you are hoping only to get a lot of views for the video you are creating what is known as a viral video. A viral video is one that will be posted over and over by internet users. Originally you will post it on YouTube and then you can repost it on other sites as well like Facebook and Twitter. These 3 sites get a lot of traffic and you are sure to get a lot of traffic this way compared to just posting it on your blog. With YouTube, it also comes with sharing links, making it easy for your customers to send it out to their friends on social media sites.
- Is the video being used to help you increase your website traffic? If this is the case, you will need to focus on posting several videos a week or a month. It is one of the best ways in which you can build your reputation and to get the type of website results you want with Google and other search engines. Load the video on YouTube with a link back to your site and then also load the video on your blog so people can see it here. Use social media to promote it as well and to drive people back to your website.

The title of the video is a big important factor to remember when you are trying to market it. You need to use the right keywords in the video and you have to really promote the video with these keywords. This is a great way to boost your visibility online and to get the type of reputation you are seeking from your niche market.

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