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Social media etiquette

When you use social media in order to market your business, you need to be able to research the "rules" of these sites in order to provide the right type of information to your customers and to make sure you are not in violation of anything. Everything you say on a social media site will communicate a clear message about your company. If you have a misspelling or any type of confusing information that is posted on the site, people will realize that your company is not reliable and consistent. In order to create relationships with your customers and to maintain consistency with your customers you need to be able to offer them the right type of information and to make sure you are following the rules of social media.

Having the right type of social media presence is the best thing you can do in order to build relationships with your customers. One wrong post could cost you important relationships with your customers along with your clients and vendors. Take a look at how many professional athletes and performers make mistakes with their social media etiquette and they end up losing important sponsorships and clients. You need to be able to have those important connections to stay afloat but you have to understand what social media etiquette is so you don't have this issue. There is a fine line between voicing your opinion and posting information that is credible and socially acceptable. In many cases it is best to hold your tweet or post if you don't want cause a controversy with information you send out.

You need to focus on asking questions to your customers and to really make sure you are gathering the right information from them. This is a great asset to your company because you have an opportunity to create a relationship with them because you know the information that they want. It makes it much easier for you to be able to send out positive information that the customers want and to strengthen your company's reputation.

When you create a profile on a site such as Facebook you are essentially making a virtual profile. This profile is a representation of your company and it needs to include your contact information as well as other vital information that is used for the customers to get in touch with you. You need to check on the profile status you are posting along with some of the other things that are on the site as well like your pictures or images that you are uploading. Companies tend to upload logos and coupons versus pictures unless they are for a sponsored event.

Watch for the sensitive information and issues that are brought up and take a back seat to them. If you are throwing in your two cents with others, it can cause a debate and can cost your customers. Post only if you feel it is absolutely necessary to say something.

Communicate on other peoples pages as well. You want to post to some of the feeds and information that is being posted on your site and to post comments on other sites. This will be able to help you create stronger relationships because customers know that you are actually responding to them and that you are listening to them.

Think of your tweets and posts like a conversation. Anything that you are not comfortable talking about is likely something that you need to avoid posting on your social media site. It is a wise idea to stick to an 80% business post and 20% personal post rule.

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