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Creating The Best Home Theater System

Creating the best home theater system takes money, time, electronic know how and the right electronics.Creating the best home theater system on a budget takes all of those things, but requires less of them - except for time.

The first part to a great home theater is the room that it is in.If it is not feasible to build a theater room, with stadium style seating and a love seat and easy chair in the front row, then adapting a room to the use of a home theater can be done with minimal issues.Creating a dark atmosphere is essential, so getting some blackout curtains can help if there are windows in the room.Also remembering that part of the theater going experience is food and soda which may leave a sticky mess on the floor.While plush carpet is wonderful to walk on in bare feet, it may be easier to have linoleum or tile for cleaning purposes.

Once the room is figured out, the next thing to look at, literally, is what type of projection system you will use in the home theater system.A large flat screen TV will do well, either plasma or LCD, but even better would be a projector system.A projector can be faced toward the wall and so the screen can be as large as a wall rather than having to look at a paltry 72 inch screen.Projectors are more reasonably priced though the bulb is still outrageous.

Obviously, no one wants to watch a VHS quality movie on a large screen.That means getting at least a DVD player to play movies on, but even DVDs are becoming passé, so getting a Blu-ray player is the best option for the home theater.Do not be fooled by streaming movies.While they might be great for playing on the computer, many of them are not of a quality good enough for a projected movie.
To take advantage of the new advancements in film, all visual components should be 3D compatible.There are few things that can immerse someone in a different world like a 3D movie experience.
The next part of a home theater system should be the audio component.Ever since Walt Disney's Fantasound, advancements in stereo audio experience have been greatly enhanced.A sound system should include great speakers, a woofer and a tweeter as a minimum.The components of the audio system should be set up to create true stereophonic experience.This means that the speakers will be set at the front of the theater, the sides of the theater and the back of the theater.Following the manufacturer's guides and using a sound optimizer like the ones found on Blu-ray discs can create an audio experience that will put the audience into another world.

A system is nothing if there aren't people to enjoy it.While watching a movie alone is okay and made better with a home theater system, to truly get the most out of it, there should be other people involved.Movies can create a common mythology that brings people together.By sharing the home theater experience, friends can enjoy each other's company and have something to build on for later.
Creating the best home theater system may not help you find friends, but it will bring enjoyment to those friends you already have.There are few experiences that can match having a theater like atmosphere in the home, and the best part is no sticky floors and no restrictions on food being brought into the theater.A Slurpee machine might be the only thing missing.

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