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The future of driving, HUD display navigation

car71993610.jpgFor several years we have seen HUD display navigation in fighter jets in movies but now this amazing technology is available for your vehicles. This means that you don't need to look away from your usual driving viewpoint in order to receive directions. Since the smaller GPS devices are usually in your dashboard or mounted to the dashboard, it can cause you to lose focus while driving.

What is a HUD display? HUD stands for head-up display that presents transparent data to a small screen before your windshield so you won't need to look away from your typical viewpoint as you are driving. The small screen is easy to install and it doesn't cause distraction while driving. It also has a small remote control that is installed on the steering wheel so you can input new directions into the device in just a few seconds.

So who makes this unique HUD navigation device? The device that is most common right now is manufactured by Springteq with the WeGo HUD navigator. The directions you will get will be about 3 feet away from you so you can easily see the directions and you will know where you are going.

Drivers can finally acquire the valuable information they need in order to get from one location to another safely. Having these directions right in front of you will make it much easier than dealing with the navigational devices that are on your cell phone or ones that are mounted onto the dashboard where you have to keep looking down in order to see where you need to go.

Thanks to the crafty design of the WeGo system, you don't even need to take your hands off the steering wheel as you simply need to change the information on the small remote control that is part of your steering wheel. The RF-based wireless remote easily attaches to the steering wheel so you don't even need to look around for it to change the directions while you are driving.

The unit is small enough that it will easily attach to the top of your dashboard where you will be able to clearly see the directions you need in order to travel to your destination. The image and directions are sent to a small 4.5 inch screen that is easy and large enough to read so you can drive around without problems since it is translucent.

The image on the screen is very clear as it is has a 400 x 240 resolution. It also is pretty bright so you can actually see it on a translucent screen. Although you have a clear screen you are looking at, the brightness can be adjusted so you can see it during the day. The brightness level is rated at 13,000 cd/m2 which is nice and bright for anyone to see. There is a sensor on the device that actually adjusts for the time of day so during the day it will be brighter so you can see it and at night it's a little dimmer so you can still drive and you aren't stuck trying to squint to see where you need to go.

So how much is this new navigational device? Right now it is being sold around $250 an up depending upon your vehicle make and model.You can get used versions for cheaper but you need to be sure that it is the right type for your vehicle as it may be too bulky and it won't fit above your dashboard and windshield correctly.

An HUD navigational display device is a great asset to your car. It will make sure you never get lost again and it keeps you from getting into wrecks as you will keep your eyes on the road at all time.

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