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The buzz behind Toshibas Airswing

womanonphone30715748.jpgThose cool sci-fi movies where you can change the computer screen by using your hands is now possible thanks to Toshiba and the AirSwing. The natural user interfaces aren't exactly new, but they are pretty unique to use and to see. With Toshiba's AirSwing you don't need to pay for expensive hardware or purchase all these additional software programs to make it work correctly.

Sowhat do you need in order to use AirSwing? All you need is your computer and you then install AirSwing on your computer. Then you just need a web cam where you have the ability to use your gestures to control the screen. This makes the device conventional and easy to use since you just need to install their software and you can use your simple webcam to make it work. Of course in order to get clear images and better response from the software, you want to make sure you have a high quality webcam that picks up information easily. You also need to make sure you have a decent sized screen to play around with as you will easily find that you can move things around and have multiple things open at the same time on the screen.

Why is Toshibas AirSwing so much better from other natural user interfaces? Many of the natural user interface systems actually suck up a lot of the processing power and memory of your computer. The Toshiba AirSwing only uses about 3% of the processing power of your computer if you are running a 400MHz ARM 11 CPU.

How does the Toshiba AirSwing work exactly? Like other user interface systems, the Toshiba AirSwing allows you to interact in a virtual world. You have the ability to actually interface with a machine, which is pretty amazing technology compared to just using your hands and fingers to type on keyboards and click around with a mouse, you actually have the option to use your fingers to move the screen around.

The machine and the user are able to interact with one another using a camera and a screen. When you are using the software, you can also get feedback from the software to know how you can change things up to make your pictures and many other things much better.

The goal of Toshiba's AirSwing is to provide users with a better experience and an easy experience when they are trying to operate their computer machines along with focusing on creating cool pictures and other things to display. Usually you don't even need to drag images all over the screen and other things in order to get the desired results you want with your human interface system.

When you use the software, you will be shown a semi-transparent image of yourself or whoever is using the computer. Then you will see a menu screen that includes the various content and other things that you can work with. Once you are in the menu screen, you can open up various things and flip through photos and many other things in the photo gallery or in documents. To make changes to the image, just use your fingers to stretch it, flip it, edit it, and just change it around any way you like.

Its pretty fun to see a picture of yourself on screen as you are interfacing with the system. This makes it easy for you to figure out where to press and how to move your hands around to change things with the images and content on screen. Toshiba's AirSwing is not yet ready to be released to the public as there are still a few things that need to be worked out by Toshiba.

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