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Crafting vision statements

A vision statement is an important aspect of a good business plan. It helps everyone in the company see and know what it is you want to accomplish, and where you envision your company heading. It will help each person make choices that help you get closer to that vision. This is why it is so important to craft a compelling vision statement. Here are some questions to ask as you create your company's vision statement:

Is the vision clear? This is the most important part, people have to have a clear idea of what you want for the company. You can't expect employees to help you get to the vision if they are unclear on what it is. This means if you need to, you can write a story, a poem, include photos, etc. A vision statement can be more than just words. It should be whatever it takes to help people understand what you want for your company's future.

Is it future based and realistic? A vision should be based on growth, and something that takes time to accomplish, thus it should be future based. It also needs to be realistic. While it is good to dream big, give yourself realistic time frames, and don't go so far out there that it won't be doable. Your employees have to believe they can help you achieve the vision.

Is it inspiring? Is your vision of the future something other people will want to be a part of? It should be. When people see or hear, or read your vision, they should get excited, and motivated, to help make it happen.

Is it emotionally engaging? A vision statement that does not tug on the emotions of the reader is going to be nothing more than a plaque on the wall.

Is there a way to make it more compelling? Evaluate it, what else could you do to get people on board? To make it more compelling? Is there a way to make it have a wider impact? What about a greater payout for those involved?

How can you make it more motivating for all stakeholders? Imagine a small company barely making it that decides it needs to make some changes in order to see growth, it could offer incentive to the employees, "You take a small pay cut now, to help us free up capital to grow, and you get ownership in the company." Would that be motivating for the employees to see the success of the company? Yes. Figure out a way to motivate those involved.

Is it being communicated and shared to inspire everyone in the company? You can't have a vision and keep it a secret, it has to be something everyone can grab hold of and move toward together, or it won't happen.

This is your internal branding, and will help your leaders and employees create ownership with the people and company, as they share in the vision for its future and growth.

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