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Leadership contributions

When managing a business one of the first things you should figure out is what leadership contributions you can succeed in adding to your community.In other words, what does the culmination of passion, talent, need, and conscience create, and how can you better implement your contributions in your business?

In order to figure out your leadership contribution you have to ask yourself one thing: What significant contribution do you want to make in your role at work? Once you have figured this out you will be able to set up the steps to make it happen.

Your leadership contributions are going to set the tone for your whole team. This is a tangible output of figuring out what it is that your passion, talent, community needs, and your conscience create. In other words, your unique contribution. The discovery and implementation of a unique contribution can lead to far greater business success. Consider the service industry where a manager determines to make their unique contribution be providing every guest with an unforgettable experience. How will they feel if the manager is successful? Will they come back and be a patron at the establishment again? One person can make a difference, discovering your unique contribution can lead to greater business success.

What significant contribution do you want to make in your role at work? Can you help your team tap into their talents and potential? Can you create a product or service that will change the life of those in your community or market? Will you be able to look back with pride at what you are doing today? As a leader or manager it is important that you clearly define the role you want to play, and how you want your actions to affect others. Going in without a plan means planning to fail. This is not going to help you be a better manager, or your employees be better at their jobs. Instead of inspiring and encouraging, you will be constantly pushing and trying to motivate your employees, meaning more work for you with fewer successes.

Leadership is a public role-Tell others, make it a public choice to stand for something. As a manager, let your team know what you intend to stand for, whether that is offering better customer service, or providing a product that adds value to the lives of your customers. Then allow your team to hold you accountable. Ask them to keep you at task, and to follow suit. A leader or manager has to be the example and pave the way for their team to follow. A manager who disrespects customers can't expect their team to treat customers with respect.

As you seek to find and fulfill a leadership contribution, each employee you lead will have the ability to learn from your example. Help your employees tap into their talents, and find passion in what they are doing, it will lead to far greater results as they look to change the lives of those who use their product or service.

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