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Culture values

Creating culture in your work environment is an important aspect, as it will lead to happier employees, and more satisfied customers. This in turn leads to higher profits, and thus, staying in business, and doing well. Here are the ten things you need to make a priority in your business to create culture.

1. Go the extra mile with customer service- This can't be done part way, you know when you do something good people may or may not talk about it, but if you do something bad, it will get spread like wildfire. Make customer service one of the biggest concerns your company has. Your customers will feel valued, and in return value you.

2. Embrace change to stay relevant- Remember if you want to stay relevant in your market you can't cling to the past, outdated ways, or tradition. You have to be open to fresh ideas and changes in the way you do things. Employees that know you embrace change will be more creative, and not be afraid to bring suggestions to the table.

3. Have fun- It is good to take your work seriously, but the work environment should be fun as well. Employees should look forward to coming to work each day, not dread it. Create camaraderie, and an upbeat environment.

4. Be open-minded and think outside the box- If you encourage this in your employees you will be surprised at what they come up with, and how it can help your company succeed.

5. Continue to learn and grow- The world is not stagnant, the market is not stagnant, and thus your knowledge and growth should not be either. If you commit to continual learning and growth in your business, you will find that your business has an easier time staying relevant, and relating to customers.

6. Communicate to keep company strong- Everyone should be on the same page and working toward the same goals. If you do not have this, you won't be able to keep your company strong.

7. Work for the common good- A great culture is one where everyone works together for the common good. When one person succeeds, everyone does, and this is why everyone works hard.

8. Teamwork- Make every employee feel apart of something bigger than themselves, and help managers and employees work together, rely on one another, and utilize each member of the team as a resource.

9. Create a great atmosphere- Today's office buildings have a lot of room for improvement, make your atmosphere comfortable and enjoyable, while still professional. Help people feel excited about being at work. Make the atmosphere somewhere they want to be, with an open door policy, incentives, etc.

10. Utilize resources wisely- Never waste a person's talents, or a dollar. Make sure you take time to get to know your employees and what they are good at, then put them to work where they can shine.

11. Find passion in what you do- If you love it, it can be contagious, make it something everyone can be passionate about.

12. It is not about you-Be humble. Make it about the customer, about your purpose, etc. Not about you.

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