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What are some of the various manufacturing systems

lumberyard34878802.jpg There are many various manufacturing systems.What are some of the various manufacturing systems? There are nine various manufacturing system groups, they are as follows and include many various manufacturing systems.
Manufacturing strategy and paradigms.
Manufacturing systems design and operations.
Sustainable manufacturing.
Quality management.
Automation, control systems, human-machine interaction.
Product development.
Supply chain management and logistics.
Manufacturing information systems.
Micro and nano manufacturing systems.

Manufacturing strategy and paradigms are flexible, reconfigurable and changeable manufacturing systems.These manufacturing systems include rapid manufacturing, lean manufacturing, and virtual enterprises.Rapid manufacturing is used for large products that have layer-based manufacturing from metals, plastics, or composite material.Lean manufacturing is when the manufacturing is removing the waste, usually time, that happens during manufacturing.Virtual enterprises manufacturing system is the ability to virtually join or combine efforts with other enterprises to improve manufacturing.

Manufacturing systems design and operations are process planning, production planning and controls, modeling, simulation, and virtual manufacturing.These manufacturing systems will actually be helpful when started to manufacture or a change is needed in manufacturing.Planning and modeling can be done with any manufacturing type.Virtual manufacturing is the use of audiovisual features to simulate as actual manufacturing environment, then using the virtual manufacturing to see the results.

Sustainable manufacturing includes the life cycle of products and systems, and designs for environments and sustainability.Sustainable manufacturing systems have the goal to improve the use of resources and make the product more environment and health friendly and well and make the product more marketable.

Quality management includes the manufacturing systems that are known to improve the quality of the product as the main goal.They are manufacturing systems like product and process quality, quality function deployment, and quality by design and six sigma.

Automation, control systems, and human-machine interaction are manufacturing systems that have either robots or machines doing the bulk of the work.The various manufacturing systems here are agent-based systems, distributed and integrated control systems, intelligent systems, emergent systems, reconfigurable control, robotics, collaborative robots and human-machine interactions.

Product development manufacturing systems are systems that focus on the product development in manufacturing.There are product families, reverse engineering concept development, product design and integration with manufacturing systems and product life cycle.

Supply chain management and logistics manufacturing systems are systems that will get the best in the supplies that are needed to manufacture a product.Some supply chain manufacturing systems are global supply chain, dynamic supply chains, modeling and optimization.

Manufacturing information systems allow business to gain the information needed to improve the manufacturing of the products.Various manufacturing systems here include, the Internet, web-based systems, enterprise resource planning, automatic data capture and enterprise modeling.

Micro and nano manufacturing systems are systems that are related to micro and nano developing products.Many are technological products that are small products to manufacture. There are, systems issues related to microfluidics, nanoelectronics, nano systems, microelectromechanical systems, nanomaterials, interconnects, and energy, chemical and biological devices.

All of these various systems will provide a business with the ability to improve the manufacturing of the many diverse products being manufactured in the world.Most companies will use more than one of the manufacturing systems in their manufacturing.

There are large manufacturing companies that will combine a series of the various manufacturing systems.Then once the manufacturing systems have accomplished the goal that has been made, a new manufacturing system may be used to make improvements elsewhere in the company.

What are some of the various manufacturing systems that are being used?There are nine different categories that encompass many different manufacturing systems.The nine manufacturing system groups are; Manufacturing strategy and paradigms, Manufacturing systems design and operations, Sustainable manufacturing, Quality management, Automation, control systems, human-machine interaction, Product development, Supply chain management and logistics, Manufacturing information systems and Micro and nano manufacturing systems.

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