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Adding SEO to your marketing mix

What type of marketing programs are you currently using to get in touch with your customers? A lot of marketers are quite familiar with SEO or search engine optimization. This all has to do with your website and drawing a higher PageRank status on Google and the other search engines. Your marketing mix needs to include SEO in order to be effective with all the different types of marketing that you are engaged in. Since SEO is still somewhat new to some people, you need to take time to learn how it works. Once you get involved in SEO you will not regret it and you might find that it is a lot of fun even though it is quite challenging and can be frustrating at times.

Most of the people that see the benefits of SEO aren't the people that have to do the grunt work. They are the people that want the results now and they don't know what it takes to get these results. SEO is a complex process and it does take time along with patience in order for it to work. You may go through a lot of trial and error before you see that something you are doing actually pays off. Don't let the upper level bosses that call the shots take SEO from your marketing team and assign it out to an SEO service. These services are overpriced and they don't always bring you the results you need. If you choose the wrong company you can end up doing even more damage to your company because you will have lost your credibility with the search engines and you might have to resubmit your site information as it was dropped.

Start SEO by evaluating your website. What does it look like? Is it attractive and easy to navigate? Can your customers find the information they need right away? Are they able to stay on your site for a long time or do they come in and leave quickly? The average Pay Per Click landing will spend less than 5 minutes on a website. Google evaluates this and when you get people to stay on your site and actually do something on it, they will reward you with a higher PageRank.

Search engines also take a look at the content on your website. What type of information is on there and is it relevant to the keywords that you list? How about the grammar on your website? When a website has a lot of typos, you will be rejected by the search engines. This is a big red flag and it hurts your company in a number of ways. Always proofread your content and check it over multiple times to make sure everything is correct.

Watch out for too many pictures and videos. The search engines don't like them as they do not get any use out of them. However your customers don't get a lot out just text on a website. This is why you have to control the design of the site in order to make it search engine and user friendly.

Use social media as part of your SEO campaign. This is effective and it allows you to reach out to a new audience. With SEO you are also able to generate a credible link to your website, which is also a big plus from the search engines. Social media sites are usually free, which is a great addition to your marketing mix. You do need to make sure you have plenty of time to devote to the social media campaign in order for it to be a success.

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