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Electric transport with Treadway mobility

copyright9951803.jpgDo you need to hike clear across a large University Campus in 10 minutes? Trying to run this and make it to class on time can be a real chore. The Treadway mobility device can make it easy. This is a personal transportation solution that will allow you to quickly get from one place to another. It's ideal if you live in places where you cannot quite justify purchasing a car to take you from here to there.

Teens will love the treadway mobility device as it's definatley one of the upcoming technologies to look forward to. The device is worn over your existing shoes, similar to the roller skates of old. These motorized shoes will make you feel like the Bionic man or woman as you literally "fly" past everyone else.

What makes the treadway mobility device so unique is that it does allow you to keep your balance as you move around. It's much safer from other electric transport devices and they are easy to store, which is unlike a scooter or rocket bicycle. You can easily store them in your backpack and head to class.

All you have to do is put on shoes and then strap the devices onto your feet. They have a wireless hand controller you can use in order to operate them. You can walk just like normal and turn them on when you are in a hurry and ready to get moving in a hurry.

This upcoming technology is not yet available to the public as it is still in testing mode. Safety concerns are always an issue when dealing with electric transport so until it passes everything, this is going to be a new technology that sits on your wish list.

The Treadway mobility design is used to make walking easier. They have created several prototypes that will allow you to walk faster but they are not yet totally perfected for sale. These device are still being tweaked by designers in order to ensure their safety and to find the right type of customer base that is in need of them.

These devices are very durable as they are made from very heavy and durable steel. The other thing that makes the Treadway mobility devices ideal is that they have very small lithium polymer battery-powered electric motors. Right now the devices are unique but they are still a little bit awkward to look at and to use. There is a lot of perfecting the devices need to go through before they are going to be "street worthy" and something that you really want to consider owning.

Any new technology has to go through the ringer when it comes to not only the design of the product and need for the product by the style of the product. The Treadway mobility devices are almost there as far as style goes but they are far from being fashionable yet.

One unique feature that you can find with these cool devices is the unique colorful wheels and the LED lighting system it includes that will allow you to have greater visibility when it's darker. While this may not be a technology device we ever get to own, it is definitely on the right track as far as electric transport goes.

To learn more about the future of electric mobility, take a look at some videos about the Treadway mobility devices and how they work. It will give you an idea as to what we can start to look forward too; especially those of us that cannot afford to invest in vehicles to get from here to there in a hurry!

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