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Finally get your legs back with the REX robotic exoskeleton

hospitalroom19302714.jpgHave you suffered from a de-habilitating injury? If you have never been able to work or an unfortunate incident took away this wonderful privilege from your life, it may seem like you will always be confined to a wheelchair and you won't ever be able to enjoy walking. However the good news is that there are a number of scientists out there that are trying to make sure you can enjoy life just like everyone else. The REX robotic exoskeleton will give you the opportunity to get your legs back and to actually walk again or walk if you never have before.

Even if you don't want to use the REX robotic exoskeleton to go outside and do some shopping with, it is still a wonderful idea as it will help you stimulate these muscles and to allow for proper blood flow in the legs and overall body. You need to have the blood flow correctly or it can lead to clotting and other blood circulation issues. Since individuals that cannot walk are unable to get up and move their legs around, their risk of dealing with blood circulation problems will increase dramatically.

What the REX robotic exoskeleton does is give you a chance to walk around. You can use the device to stand up and down and walk up stairs or even down stairs. You get a chance to move around and you don't need to worry about being stuck in a wheelchair your entire life.

The REX robotic exoskeletons can breathe new life into the lives of individuals that have had limited mobility their entire life. Right now the devices are being used mostly for military personnel as they are testing it to see how it can assist the ground personnel that have been injured. Just having the ability to walk compared to being pushed around in a wheelchair for the rest of your life is something that may be quite appealing to you and it is definitely a technology that is still on the rise.

The REX robotic exoskeleton is made from very durable materials and they can easily support you as you are walking. The lightweight materials make it easy to move around and it's designed to support you clear up your midsection so you won't have problems with balance.

In order to use the REX robotic exoskeleton, you will simply strap yourself inside the robotic legs using the Velcro straps and buckles to secure them in place. They will fit comfortably around your legs so it won't cause pain or irritation when you take your "new legs" out for a walk. Since your legs are disabled and you cannot stimulate the muscles to move, you will need to use a small joystick in order to control your movements. The joystick is found at waist level, making it easy to reach and you can easily walk around using just your hand.

Despite what other robotic devices can do to help you walk, the REX robotic exoskeleton can actually take you up and downstairs. You will be able to go just about anywhere you want. Flat and hard surfaces are easy to walk around on with the REX robotic exoskeleton and you can take it up and down slopes as well.

In order to walk around, the device needs to use a battery. This battery it comes with will last you for about 2 hours and then you need to charge it again in order to continue using the REX robotic exoskeleton.This upcoming technology still has a few things it needs to work through in order to be ready for use and sold on the US Market but it is available in Europe and Australia right now.

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