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Personal mobility concept

wiredworld19083276.jpgAre you interested in technology that is advanced and could someday be used in the future?There are many different types of products that have been produced and put on the market to help our future.There have different types of vehicles, not only cars and trucks but also personal vehicles.We have new and improved computers and cell phones that are available on the market every day.One of the newest designs for a personal vehicle is a personal mobility concept that Toyota has created into a concept.IT is called the i-unit.

The concept of the i-unit is to potentially help the amount of vehicles we have on our roads.The i-unit is made for a single person to use.It is a cross between a partially enclosed motorcycle, an open wheel racer and with a speedy vehicular frame.This personal mobility concept is meant for a single person to maneuver in an upright position.The speed will be set to low and you will have to use your center of gravity to keep it stable while in motion.As you start to understand the movement of the i-unit, as you recline your body in the i-unit, your speed will slowly increase.If you want to make turns, there is a drive by wire technology that has been installed for you to use.Of course, the i-unit will be a custom order if you want one.You will be given the option to add lights and add color to your i-unit.You will be able to make it your own personal mobility concept that no one else will have.

The i-unit can be a great piece of technology to help improve our environment.It could potentially be a piece of equipment we could use everyday instead of using gas powered vehicles that pollute our air.We could never get rid all vehicles, but narrowing down how many are out there could help.The more we protect our environment, the better the future will be for our children.

The i-unit can also be great for the elderly and the disabled.The elderly will no longer have to rely on a wheelchair or walkers to get around.Once they are seated into an i-unit, they will be able to move around freely among their homes.They will also be given the opportunity to go visit with neighbors and family members.People among our community that have been born or involved in accidents can also use the i-unit to move around.If you have an injury that leaves you paralyzed or without the capability of walking, the i-unit will work for you.You will still be able to get around and support yourself and your daily activities.

There are many different ways that technology is improving.There have been many discoveries that are leading to concepts, such as the i-unit to take shape.Having these items introduced into the public is only the beginning.Many times these concepts are not appreciated and people turn away because of the change.Have a system such as the i-unit would be a major lifestyle change.As mentioned above, the i-unit could possibly help the air pollution that is created by vehicles, but it could also reduce the amount of vehicles accidents that happen every day.Reducing any type of risk will help put money back in your pocket and will improve the economy.As a society we can be more accepting and willing to try out the new technology systems that are introduced.There are many concepts that could be great for our economy and our environment.

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