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Sunflower street lighting

womanwithphone30719120.jpgThere are many ways that we can help the environment individually, but there are also ways that we can help the environment as a community.As an individual, you can take the time and recycle the products you have purchased and you can also buy different products that help the environment.There are different vehicles on the market that you can even purchase that will help keep the air cleaner and better for us to breath.As a community, we can use water less and we water our lawns and we can use the power in our homes less.We can even take the time to clean up our street gutters to help keep our waterways clean.No matter how you decide to help the environment, you have to start by doing it yourself.

There are some communities that have started using a new street lighting system that has been developed.This street lighting system is called, Sunflower street lighting.It is not only a way to keep your streets lit up during the night, but is a way to keep your neighborhood safe.Sunflower street lighting is used off of batteries that are charged by the sunlight during the daytime.Sunlight creates energy that will be put into these batteries to keep your dark streets illuminated.The Sunflower street lighting consists of 5 different lamps on different cell modules that charge one battery per light.The energy that the battery stores will be used as the sun goes down.The 5 different lamps are spaced out liked a bloomed sunflower.To see this, you would need to look from the top down to see the shape.

Not only is the Sunflower street lighting system saving energy, but it is also helping the d├ęcor of the city.There are many times that are cities and neighborhood look used and worn.Your neighborhood may even look dark if there are no street lights.With the Sunflower street lighting, your neighborhood will have an update look and will look cleaner.It has already been mentioned that by keeping our streets cleaner we helping the environment.With the Sunflower street lighting, your community will be helping the environment by saving power and electricity.

The design of the Sunflower street lighting has not been designed for only neighborhoods.Sunflower street lighting would be a great option for any downtown area or high traffic area, such as a freeway or highway.These areas can get very dark on a stormy night or a night that has no moon.With the Sunflower street lighting in place, the cell modules on the lamps will be charged everyday to ensure that downtown areas will be lit.When you walk through public places, you want to have light for your safety.The more safety you have, the less chance you will have of being hurt or attacked.The same goes on the freeways and highways.Having the Sunflower street lighting in place will help reduce the amount of accidents that could possibly happen during the darker hours.

Besides helping the environment and keeping your street illuminated, the Sunflower street lighting system will also be more cost effective for the city and community you live in.Each city and community is given a budget that they must obey and spend wisely.By installing the Sunflower street lighting, your city and community will able to save money they would have spent on the cost of power and electricity.They would also be saving money on the maintenance of a normal streetlight.The Sunflower street light does not require any power.It only requires you to do minimal maintenance to make sure the cell modules have not been damaged and the battery is still charging.

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