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The blanket all couples need to own

oldercouple32016159.jpgJust about every couple has their complaints about little issues within their relationship. One of the biggest complaints people talk about is flatulence. There is no cure for a gassy spouse as the only thing you can do is try and avoid eating foods that lead to excessive gas. Flatulence underwear can help to reduce the smell that is produced with gas but it can't do much about the smell. For many people, getting rid of the smell is more important as it can make it unbearable to be around the other person. There is a new blanket in development that is developed to trap the smell produced by gas and hopefully provide you with a happier and less smelly relationship.

The "Better Marriage Blanket" can be purchased for $29.99 and it will help to control the smell that comes along with gas. It comes in Queen or King size beds and it's guaranteed to work on top of sheets. So how exactly can this blanket cut down on the smell in the bedroom? It has 3 different fabrics that are used to trap smells. These fabrics actually are created to protect against chemical weapons, so you know that its going to get rid of something!

When a person emits gas, the molecules are released into the air and they cause the smell to occur. The Better Marriage Blanket will absorb these molecules and neutralize them in order to get rid of the smell. Part of the blanket includes carbon, which is used to absorb the smell. Carbon is the same component that is found in matches and when you strike a match, it absorbs the smell of the gas immediately.

Despite what you may think, the smell isn't "sticking" inside the blanket. The smell is going to be neutralized so that you aren't getting woken up anymore by the smell of gas. The blanket doesn't need to be "aired out" and it doesn't need to be washed frequently in order to keep it smelling fresh and clean. What you want to do is take the blanket out into the sunlight once and awhile as it will help it to stay fresh. Popping the blanket into the dryer once and awhile will also provide you with the same fresh smell you are trying to acquire with the Better Marriage Blanket.

The Better Marriage Blanket will immediately absorb the smell and you won't even notice it. The blanket won't smell after you pass gas under it and it won't smell in the morning if you and your spouse ate a big plate of broccoli and beans the night before.

The absorption power of the blanket can last up to 5 years or longer depending upon what type of care you offer to the blanket. Drying it occasionally and laying it out in the sun will help to revive the blanket and can provide you with a better blanket that will last longer.

To accommodate the various decorating tastes that customers have, the Better Marriage Blanket comes in blue, beige, and white. It's very easy to clean and you can even place another blanket on top of it without damaging the way in which the blanket works. You do want to try and provide some air to the blanket in order to keep the blanket clean and fresh.

Not only can you pick up a nice blanket to reduce the smell of gas, there are some other products out there that can help. Try the flatulence underwear for gas problems on the go. Underwear has carbon inside of it, which is used to absorb the smell so that you can pass gas without worrying that everyone around you is going to know.

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