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A straddling bus could reduce traffic woes

car71993610.jpgTired of being stuck in traffic and needing to sit there for several hours while an accident is cleaned up or you are just trying to get home at the same time as the rest of the city? China is currently working on developing a great solution to traffic woes, a straddling bus.

A straddling bus concept will work like this, a tower structure will be built over the roadways and "train tracks" will be built on the ground which are in charge of moving the tower bus along. Like any other bus, it will make its routine stops for people to get on and off but the overall goal is to get people to quit driving and to start using the buses that will basically float above the roadways. The concept is revolutionary, especially for what it can do to reduce traffic and to get people to quit driving.

China is spearheading the various transport plans as their country is continuing to grow and millions of people live in the major cities. By having new transportation options, it will cut down on traffic flow and will also make living easier for millions of people. Keeping a close eye on what China is doing is a great way to see how the United States will start to change as well. Many of the major cities look to China for technology advancements, especially those that are dealing with traffic flow and making life easier for its citizens.

Reducing emissions is a big priority of many countries right now. Everyone is looking for a way to improve the environment, which is why you see so many states pushing to get people involved with car pooling and using the buses. By creating buses that do not emit emissions, you will contribute to the environment and you can help to make the city less hectic by jumping into a bus with other people.

Being able to just fly right over traffic congestion is a great way to get home earlier and to work on time. The buses will need slight modification to the roads in order to work correctly as the roads need to be a bit wider for the buses. The great thing about this type of transportation system is that cities do not need to dig up the ground and install expensive subway systems. The straddling bus will be faster from subways and it's also about 90 percent cheaper from building a new subway system. This makes it an affordable solution for your city.

What else makes a straddling bus a great option? Not only does it provide you with a great way to get around, the designers have created solar panels for the bus system which will power the bus. Using solar energy is the future and it's going to start happening a lot more.

The great thing about the straddling bus is that it's not just a dream or a piece of technology that is created and doesn't go anywhere, China is working on its construction as we speak and soon this will be a reality.

What makes the straddling bus great is that you don't need to actually tear up the existing roadways to install it. Simple modifications to the existing road systems will allow for the straddling buses to be installed.

Passengers of the straddling bus will climb on and off using the elevated stops. There is talk of what to do if an elevated stop cannot be built and a ladder system is being built into the bus for these situations. Straddling buses are the wave of the future and they are definitely going to be popular and seen in countries all over the world.

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