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Electronic paper

womanonlaptop30458811.jpg Electronic paper or e-paper reflects light like ordinary paper and are thin like ordinary paper, but have the capability of updating information as you are reading it. E-paper allows the reader to view it in a variety of situations like direct sunlight. E-paper is a reflective technology that does not require a backlight and it does not require power to maintain an image.

Many compare e-paper to holding an actual newspaper. It is very thin and lightweight and the display is flexible. Several people who use e-paper include e-book readers, e-magazine readers, and electronic billboards. Electronic paper displays are beneficial for businesses where the reading of their materials is of the utmost importance. Because e-paper displays can be read in practically any lighting condition, you can reach a new world of customers who would not have been able to see your sign due to the sunlight. E-books also provide the reader with a true book-like experience and do not have bright light that used to strain their eyes.

Electronic paper uses electronic ink. The electronic ink is able to be applied to both rigid and flexible materials. If you have a flexible display, the base requires a thin, flexible material that can withstand wear. The ink is encapsulated and activated by electronics. Many companies have their own method to encapsulate and activate the ink. Electronic paper is one area of technology that is constantly growing and developing.

The main advantages of electronic paper displays include:

  • Low power usage

  • Flexibility

  • Easy readability than other electronic displays

  • The ability to print electronic ink on any surface

The flexibility of the ink allows companies to create rollable displays for electronic devices. Another key advantage to electronic paper is the ability to read like a normal book, with the ability to download new information.

Currently e-paper is beginning to tap into the schoolbook market. A Dutch company is currently testing e-paper for the use of digital schoolbooks. If this is successful, many schoolchildren will not have to carry backpacks full of heavy textbooks and notebooks. This will also reduce the cost of printing text books and save on the cost of paper to produce the book. has taken a step forward with e-paper. In late 2007, launched a marketing campaign of Amazon Kindle, an e-book with an e-paper display. While this is still young in its release, many people who participate in Amazon Kindle have enjoyed the benefits the new e-paper display provides.

Several newspaper companies are launching electronic versions of their daily paper on a subscription basis. Like Amazon Kindle, it is still young in its testing phase, but so far the results have been positive.

E-paper is also being used to reduce banking fraud. The electronic ink that is embedded in e-paper is being used in flexible display cards that allow customers to generate a one time password and access their information on a flat, thin paper versus using key fobs.

Cell phone companies have also begun using electronic paper screens instead of LCD screens on their phones. You can see an example of an electronic paper screen phone by looking at the Motorola F3. The future of electronic paper displays will continue to grow. The benefit of downloading a new book or reading the day's headlines with just a thin piece of paper has significantly improved the way readers obtain their information. In our fast-paced society, the ability to obtain information at any time and anywhere is a driving factor for many consumers to purchase products. Electronic ink will allow most surfaces in your home to become a display and bring you the most up-to-date information possible.

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