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How much storage space do you need on your business computers

Your company may have brand-new, top of the line computers, but if they don't have adequate storage space, your investment will be wasted.By understanding a few basics and options regarding computer memory, you will know how much storage space you need on your business computers.

Before deciding how much storage space your business computers need, it is a good idea to understand the different types of memory and have a knowledge of the way memory is measured. A gigabyte is a billion bytes, a megabyte is a million, and a kilobyte is a thousand. Today, most people measure a computer's total memory in gigabytes. However, it's important to know how many bytes are in a kilobyte and megabyte because most documents and projects are measured this way.So, depending on the workload on each computer, you can decide how much memory you'll need by how much is saved on them.

Deciding how much memory your business computers need is dependent on what type of work will be done on them. Some computers are needed just for basic office uses - word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and using the Internet. If this is the case for your business, you will not need too much storage space.A computer with 80 or more gigabytes for simple office computing.

Some businesses need computers with much more storage. Depending on the industry, some business computers need extra storage for things like large image files (like those that are made by image creating programs like Photoshop or Illustrator), music and video files, and 3D scene files (like those created by Maya or 3D Studio Max). All of these files, especially some video files, can be huge and add up quickly. Depending on how much you will store on each computer, you can decide how much storage space you.For these types of files, you will need a computer with at least 300 gigabytes.

Let's say you buy a computer with an amount of storage space you think will meet the needs of your business. However, after a while of using it, you realize that maybe you underestimated how much storage space was necessary.Or maybe you are upgrading your business and its service, which requires more memory on your computers. There is a way to solve this problem without buying whole new computers: external hard drives.

External hard drives can be a problem solver and a great way to protect the information and files you have stored.An external hard drive is storage space on the outside of computer that you can copy files to, that is easy to transport, and allows you to store files safely outside of your computer.These external hard drives are basically just a box that you attach to your computer with a USB port.

Those who use the business computers can save their files to the external hard drive periodically to free up space on their machines. This is also a great thing to do to protect your information because if one of your computers crashes, the external hard drive is there as your backup.Ask anyone who has ever had a hard drive crash and has lost all their files, a backup on a hard drive can be a lifesaver.

External hard drives vary in price. They can range from around eighty dollars with about 150 gigabytes to over 600 dollars with two terabytes (which is two trillion bytes!) of storage space. There are many options and price ranges, depending on your needs. There are types of external hard drives like jump drives, which can hold 250 megabytes and only cost around ten dollars. Another option is to use an online backup service, like These sites allow you to have an online backup service for a minimal fee (like five to ten dollars a month).

Storage space is an important thing to consider when purchasing computers for your business. By choosing the right computer with the right amount of storage space, you will increase productivity by allowing your employees to do and save more of their work.

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