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Choosing between Zune or iPod

manwithheadphones30324965.jpgWhile Apple's iPod has held the lead in the MP3 player market, there are now other choices that should be considered. One of these is the Zune player. If you are in the market for a music player, it is important to understand the distinctions between these two major players.

One of the reasons that the iPod has held onto the number one spot in the MP3 market, is that Apple has made it extremely user friendly. By designing their own site where consumers can download music, videos and even book, they have made having a iPod a can't miss. In addition, they have been able to improve on the original iPod by making better and newer versions of it and in consequence the price has dropped dramatically. This has made having an iPod affordable for almost every music lover out there.

To compete with the iPod Microsoft introduces Zune in 2006. The Zune also became highly popular. One of the major reasons is that Microsoft users love the Zune's ability to be able to sync easily with the Microsoft applications. This leaves many people wondering which player is really better. Which player is the one that they should choose? Here is a rundown of different features that can help you decide-

Features both of them share-

  • Both players come with features that are preloaded in both audio and video.

  • Both players have the capacity to access iTunes and many of the other web sites that allow you to download music and videos.

  • Both players have built-in FM tuners.

  • Both players come quipped for Wi-Fi on most versions.

  • Both players offer play lists, pictures and backgrounds that are easily customizable. *It should be noted that the iPod Nano does not include this feature, however, most of the newer versions do. In addition, the Zune wins extra points here since all of its versions have these features, including landscape video features.

  • Both players also come with exceptional customer service support. This means that if you have a problem, you can go to their websites for help, or you can contact their customer service departments.

Before buying a player you should also consider the battery life of the player. You don't want to be stuck having to recharge your player every few hours. It is also important to look at the price. Today there is a much more competitive market, for these players which mean better prices, for the consumer.

However, there are important differences you should consider-

  • If you already own a Mac then the iPod is the right player for you. Zune only uses Windows.

  • If you want to use your player for WiFi connectivity, then you should choose a Zune. This is due to the fact that the Zune has less browsing errors and a faster connecting speed.

  • Consider how much downloading you will be doing. If you plan on using iTunes a lot then the iPod is right for you. The prices are reasonable and the site is easier to access using an iPod. While the Zune Marketplace is getting much better it still does not offer the same amount of selections. In addition, if you are a hard core downloader, then storage needs to be considered. While 30 GB might be big enough for most music lovers, it does not begin to compare with the iPod that can hold 80GB which is 2 times the music and videos of the Zune.

  • Finally, the Zune allows you to listen to music in your car, because of its FM tuner. The older iPods will require that you purchase a device in order to convert your music.

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