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Visit the world with Virtual Window

wiredworld19083276.jpgDo you long to see your favorite places in the world every morning? If you live in Wyoming and you love the San Francisco area, you can finally view this beautiful city daily with virtual window. Virtual window makes your interior space more luminous and leaves you feeling like you are outside world all the time. Many offices have started using virtual window as it allows you to have clouds and beautiful skylines right inside the office. This new world will help your employees to work better as they aren't feeling closed in all the time and most of the virtual windows are so advanced that it is hard to tell that you aren't looking out a window.

When it comes to installing virtual window, you should always do it in pairs. Having them in pairs or groups will make them look luminous and helps to make a better arrangement in your home or office.Arranging them in groups will actually create a feeling of depth in your home or office and will lead to a beautiful environment.

Virtual window actually allows you to see real-time video of your favorite places in the world. There is a small microchip in the window that takes real-time images of places that you love like the Golden Gate Bridge or other places. It's a wonderful way to tour the world without needing to leave the comfort of your own home.

So how much does Virtual Window cost? To purchase the latest and greatest technology from Winscape, you can expect to pay about $3,000. You will have 2 large LCD TVs installed directly onto the wall and they have still cameras behind the TV that will try to locate your eyes and face and it will actually calculate the distance and viewing angle so you will have the exact right perspective and zoom level on the screen when you are looking at your favorite places.

If you are ready to buy virtual window for your home, where should you start looking? Here are some great buying tips for virtual window:
1. Trim - if you don't have 3 grand to shell out for the Winscape virtual window look into smaller virtual windows that will still provide you with great inspiration you need to see your favorite places in the world, you just won't be able to get real-time pictures of your favorite places, just pictures of them similar to your LCD picture viewer.Watch the trim on the window as you want one that is attractive and won't be outdated. There are a number of styles to choose from like wood or aluminum.
2. Edge lighting - the other thing you need to look for is edge lighting on the window. The edge lighting will allow the window to have a perception of depth and it helps to make the image appear crystal clear.
3. Wall Mounting - since the window is going to be mounted to your wall, you want to look for one that is easy to mount or one that has a recessed opening to make it appear as it is a window. Look for one that has a recessed opening so the trim is flush with the wall but the rest of the image appears further away, making it seem like a real window.
4. Image - when you are using virtual window, you need it to seem as real as possible. Look for one that has a high-resolution image to make it look real. You also need to check on its durability and color to ensure that it will maintain its look.
5. Price - you get what you pay for. If you really want the best of the best, be prepared to shell out a few thousand dollars. The benefit is the images are real and they are absolutely breathtaking.

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