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What Google TV means for your HDTV

communication23689951.jpgIn May 2010 Google launched a new software that is revamping the way you will be watching television for many years. Google TV is getting a lot of hype right now as it providing customers with a completely new way to enjoy your favortive movies, shows, and other things. So what is Google TV and what will it do your HDTV? Here is an inside look to the new generation of television.

Right now if you have DirecTV, Comcast, or Dish network,you have a menu button and scroll buttons that allow you to see what shows are on, when your favorite shows are on, and the option to record them to your DVR. What happens if you don't have a DVR and you cant watch the show at its original broadcast time? You're stuck missing the show and watching it on your computer using YouTube, Hulu, or Netflix. Since a number of people are enjoying watching their favorite shows and movies online, Google found a way to combine their search engine service with your regular television service.

Google TV is completely original and unlike any other type of television platform out there. Google recognizes that many of their customers use the search engines to search for YouTube videos and other things, but they are stuck watching them on small 15 inch computer screens. Google TV combines you favorite Google services of YouTube and other sites with your big 37 inch HDTV so you can watch your favorite shows and movies the way you were intended to see them.

So what's the difference between hooking up your laptop or computer to your HDTV? Google TV is not just hardware that you are connecting, it's actually software. You will be given a small Google TV box to use just like your Cable box or satellite TV box. Depending upon your existing provider, you will need to see if Google TV can integrate with them. Right now Google is working with the television companies in order to make the transition to Google TV smooth and beneficial for both parties.

The purpose of Google TV is essentially to mix a number of different platforms together. Instead of needing to get on your computer or laptop to watch a show you missed, you just type it into the search feature directly on your television and it will pull up whatever you want. Blending all of these various forms of technology together is going to change the way our society watches television. Now you have a one-stop solution for the internet and TV.

What else makes Google TV so unique and how will it make your television experience better? Besides having the world essentially at your fingertips without the need of a computer, Google TV comes with a number of unique applications. Just like your iPhone or Blackberry device, you will be able to download applications for your TV and do whatever it is your app is designed for. This means you can watch TV while chatting with your Twitter or Facebook buddies. Google is still in the process of designing a number of apps for Google TV so right now the options are limited but they are going to grow soon.

Google TV will also sync with your cell phone so you can watch TV on your phone. This is a great feature as you don't have to buy the shows to watch on your phone like a lot of cell phone providers want you to do.Google TV is going to change the world of television for the better and it will impress and revolutionize viewers. Google TV officially launches in fall 2010 and will be available for US purchase in 2011. The specific cost is still being debated but rough estimates are placing it at about $300 or less.

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