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Do You Have Happy Employees?

It is important that you understand if your employees are happy in their jobs and what you can do in order to help motivate them to become successful in their jobs duties and responsibilities. You need to be able to figure out ways in which you can create a working environment that will be able to be one that is positive and uplifting and a place that people really enjoy working for. How can you create such an environment? There are so many various elements that you need to have in order to create this type of workplace. Here are some tips that will be able to help you out as you focus on creating a workplace that is enjoyable and brings out the best in your employees.

Tip # 1 - Be aware of unhappy employees
How can you focus on building an atmosphere that people want to work in? You need to recognize the signs and symptoms of employee frustration so you can look for ways to be able to really help the employees feel comfortable and really can help them enjoy the company that they work for. Here are some of the signs that you need to look for when you see that employees may not be happy in the workplace:
- Coming to work late or leaving early
- Taking a lot of sick leave or time off
- Not fully engaged in their job
- Not submitting the best work to you
- Complaining about everything
- Irritable
- Oversensitive
- Not utilizing their time effectively (often caught doing personal things on company time such as talking on the phone or playing on social media sites)
- Missed deadlines

Tip # 2 - Goals and deadlines
Why are the employees unhappy in their jobs? Do they have too much work on their shoulders to handle? Perhaps you have set deadlines on them that are just too difficult to manage or too stressful. You need to call them into your office and set new deadlines for them in order to make sure people are not being overwhelmed by all of the different things. Get them involved in more as it shows them that you do trust them and you want to have them happy and committed to the company.

Tip # 3 - Combat negativity
One person can literally ruin the company for everyone else. You must be able to combat negativity in the workplace by talking to the employees that seem to be bringing everyone down. There are some people that just seem to look at everything in life with the glass as being half empty and not half full. As a manager you need to identify the people that are not adding to the positive environment and to discuss their behavior. You need to let them know the impact that their behavior is having on so many other people and to really focus your efforts on being able to combat the negative things that are happening.

Tip # 4 - Laughter
It is important that you incorporate laughter into your workplace. You must be able to help your employees relax and to feel comfortable. Laughter and joking around is a great way to help people feel at ease with their jobs and to control their stress. When people can have fun at work, they are happier in their jobs and less likely to shop around for a new job. When you notice your employees are starting to seem stressed out or frustrated, crack a joke and help them to calm down. This is one of the best ways to combat negativity in the workplace.

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