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Compelling vision statements

The vision statement for your company is going to describe what you want your company to be like in the future. Thus, it should be compelling. If your idea of the future is not compelling, then where is the motivation to help you get there? Take time to create a compelling vision statement, and back it up with actions, you won't regret it.

Vision statements should inspire people, and inform them about where your company is headed in the future. This is important for both the employee and the customer. It helps employees get on the right track, and it helps customers know who they are doing business with, and determine if they have similar ideals. This can be very powerful.

It should communicate what you want for your team. You may want the best customer service, or for them to be passionate about what they do, or to develop their talents and use them to further the growth of the company. A vision statement helps people see that you value them, and that they are resources that are important. It helps them value themselves more, and know what is wanted from them, so that they can determine if that is something they can give.

It should align people toward a single purpose or goal. This is another key aspect of a vision statement; it helps get everyone on the same page, which increases productivity and effectiveness. Can you imagine how much more productive your company would be if every department worked together? This is what a vision statement helps you to do, it gives everyone purpose, and the purpose is all the same, which means that they aid one another, and use each other as resources to achieve the goal, rather than disaccord.

It should help people understand what is expected of them. A compelling vision statement is going to set expectations, and make them very clear. This is key as it helps your team understand what it is that is expected of them. It is hard to hold someone responsible if expectations are unclear. A vision statement helps clear expectations right up, and gives everyone something to work towards in the process.

The statement should invoke feelings, and a mental picture of what your company will look like in the future. Engage at an emotional level. This means that in many cases it needs to be more than just words on a paper. If you were creating a vision of your future home, you could describe it in a few sentences, but how much more effective would samples, and photos be? The same idea holds true for compelling vision statements. Write a story where you paint a picture of what you envision the future of your company looking like, include images, charts, graphs, video, or whatever it takes to help people get involved at an emotional level and really truly understand what it is you are trying to achieve with your company.

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