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Goals when managing

Setting goals when managing is an important part of managing properly. Of course, unless goals are written in a way that makes them achievable, setting goals will not be worth the time it takes to do so. The following is an eight step process business managers can use for setting goals, and incorporating those goals into their work environment.

1. Write it down. A goal that is not written down holds no power. If you want to achieve a goal, especially a business goal, it needs to be written down, and displayed for all to see. This can be in an email sent daily to employees, it can be posted on a white board or cork board. It just needs to be written and displayed, otherwiseit will be an idea, not a goal, and it will not take real formation.
2. Include who, where, what, and when. Fix accountability. When setting goals they have to be specific. By including things like who will do this or that, when things need to be reached by, and what it is that you are aiming for, you fix accountability, and give each person a solid role to fulfill. For example, saying, The marketing team will create a social media profile and page by April second, is much better than, something like "We need a social media presence." Get specific.
3. Express it in specific statements. Write down reasons you will profit from realizing your goals. When you give yourself and your team the reasons the goals are important, and include them in the goal planning, you are far more successful. Come up with at least two reasons your business will profit through your goal realization, and get specific. This will motivate and inspire, and help people make a real connection with the goal itself.
4. Enter it in your subconscious mind. In order to successfully get your team to support your goals, it has to be part of the subconscious mind. It has to be so much a part of life and desire that it becomes like second nature when directing decision making. Reinforcing the goals in each interaction will help you do this in your work environment. Each employee should asking themselves if what they are doing is helping the business reach its goal or obtain its vision. If the answer is no, they need to take a different direction.
5. Create a step-by-step approach. Goals are great, but not when they are abstract ideas. In order to make them realistic and reachable, business managers need to outline the steps they plan to take as a company to reach those goals.
6. Act now. If you want to reach a goal, you can't put it off until tomorrow, or wait until next year to start or next quarter. Start now.
7. Make it exciting, and stretch yourself to achieve the goal. Goals that are too easy to achieve do not give real satisfaction, thus are not actually motivating. Make it so that everyone has to stretch and work to get there.
8. Observable measures, so you know when your goal is achieved. Make sure the steps to get to the goal are measurable.

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