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Being a great manager

Being a great manager is a matter of exercising the characteristics of good management. The following are some of the best characteristics you can work on if you want to be a great manager:

Fixed principles- Great leaders know who they re, and why they are here. They have purpose, and operate on fixed principles of truth. They do not make up rules as they go along. This is key to successfully managing a business, as employees need to be able to trust that they are going to be treated fairly, and that expectations are not going to change mid-project.

Understanding others- Good leaders listen to their employees and try to understand them and the challenges that they face. They are patient and when they do offer reproof of any kind, it is done with kindness, but is firm. They expect a lot, but understand that people are human, mistakes happen, and things do not always go as planned. Great managers are candid and forthright, and their employees are okay with it because they know they are valued.

Selfless leadership- A good manager puts their own desires and needs second to that which is best for the office as a whole. By doing this, they help create a sense of responsibility in each person that works for them. They lead by example.

Responsibility- Great leaders give their employees important and specific tasks to do for their development. They do not try to do everything themselves, but delegate and extend trust to their employees. Managers that take on too much themselves send a subconscious message to their employees that they do not trust them, and expect failure. This is not a good way to lead.

Accountability- The best business managers hold each person accountable for their actions and the role they play. They hold themselves accountable as well. They know that it is human nature to perform by the standard set by leaders, and if they want high performance from others, they better perform high themselves.

Wise use of time- Good leaders know that time is a non-renewable resource. They expect time to be used wisely, and hold those that do not do so accountable. This does not mean no leisure time, but it does mean that when leisure time is up, attention is not divided and work is done.

Explore potential- Great leaders want their employees to grow, learn, advance, and become more. They want them to reach their fullest potential. The best way to achieve this is by providing employees opportunities to stretch, to grow, and to gain new skills.

If you want to be a great leader, look at the example of some of the best leaders in history, and emulate the characteristics that make them that way. If you want to be one of the best managers you can be, then work toward it everyday. Give yourself an evaluation regularly to determine what areas you can improve on.

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