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Giving meaning to management

How can you get productive employees? How can you get everyone on the same team working toward common goals? How can your vision for the company be translated through the ranks, so that even the janitors believe it? The best way to answer these questions is to say, give that vision meaning. When people have something to work toward, and a reason to work for it, they will be more effective. Here are some tips for giving meaning to management:

1. Communicate your vision properly. The first step to giving meaning when managing is to communicate the vision properly. You have to make sure that anyone involved is clear on what the vision is for the company. If you can't do this, you will have a hard time getting them excited about working toward it.
2. Align others with yourself and the vision. Next, you have to get everyone on board for the goal. It is not difficult if you make them feel they are necessary. Be focused and committed to the goal, and excited about it, and share that enthusiasm with others, until they can see the importance of the vision and are aligned with you.
3. Help everyone see their part in the overall goal. This is one of the most crucial aspects of giving meaning to your management. Employees might understand your vision, and even be excited about it, but they have to feel like they play a role in order to really commit to it. A good business manager will help them see the part they need to play, and give it importance.
4. Clarify what each person needs to do. Once a person is committed to a vision and sees that they play a role, they then need to know what their role is, specifically. In other words, expectations need to be clear and set so that each individual knows their job description and what they should be working on and towards.
5. Create meaning for what and why things are being done with facts, concepts, and anecdotes. This is the real kicker, the one that can make or break your management efforts. It is important for staff to see a vision and know they play a role, but unless you give that vision some meaning, their commitment may wane when something more exciting, pressing, or interesting comes along. Use facts, concepts, and anecdotes to help them see the what and why for the things you want them to do. Help spread this vision and meaning through all layers of leadership and management. When someone know what they are doing is important, and why it is so important, they will be far more committed to doing it right. For example, asking a front desk receptionist to always look nice is one thing, but helping them to understand that their role is key, as they are the first and last person anyone who enters the building will see, and that they can make a good or bad impression in that time, will help motivate them to always look their best.

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