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Create a productive environment by removing constraints

As a manager, it is important that you work on creating a productive environment for your employees to work in. One of the best ways to create a productive environment is to remove constraints. This does not mean give your employees free range to do what they want, but it means quit inhibiting their potential and best efforts.

Start by removing the restrictions that inhibit followers from giving their best effort. These can be anything from busy work forms to unimportant staff meetings. In other words, if you are having an employee do anything that does not directly benefit the company and is not a productive use of their time, then stop restricting their creativity and potential, and let them and work to their best ability.

Restrictions inhibit effort- Give your employees choice and accountability, as this will help them to exercise their best efforts. Often the restrictions you place on employees are simply those of not allowing them any choice. You will see your best employees shine by not trying to control their every movement and effort, but allow them to take some responsibility for themselves.

Organization is extremely important- Without order there is chaos and confusion. The best organizations have structure, guidelines, policies, clear job descriptions and expectations, as well as routines. These are all part of the process of having an efficiently run business. However, too much order is a limiting force. You need balance to produce the best results. This can be one of the trickiest areas of management. Being a business manager requires you to find the balance for things like. Often the biggest obstacles in a productive environment are things that unless viewed carefully do not appear to be obstacles at all, such as:
1. Formality in structure
2. Rules over reason
3. Functional specialties
4. Focus on making the boss happy
5. And being impersonal

These things become inhibitors rather than facilitators. If a workplace is too formal in structure, an employee may be uncomfortable approaching a manager about a problem, or the need for help. If rules are put over reason, employees may be overly frustrated, and instead of being creative and trying to reach greater heights, they will play it safe because they fear what will happen if they don't. The goals of your company should come first, and you should allow your employees some freedom and personal responsibility.

If you want your employees to be truly productive you have to be willing to remove the constraints that cause fear, or apprehension, or whatever it is that is inhibiting creativity and making employees play it safe rather than pushing and stretching themselves, trying to find better solutions, and improve the company in the process.

On the other hand, extending responsibility with encouragement, it will give followers a chance to extend their own efforts and take responsibility for their own lives.

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