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5 Blogging Mistakes

accountant37004113.jpgA blog can be a powerful marketing tool, but not if you use it the wrong way. The following are the four mistakes people make when they want to use their blog as a marketing tool. If you avoid these mistakes, you avoid a lot of the problems that make your blog a worthless tool for marketing.

1. Changing topics.If you want to have subscribers, and maintain them, as well as get more and more, you can't waffle back and forth between subjects. A blog is a huge marketing tool, but only if the people who read it are getting the information they want. They don't want to look at your blog and see tips on whatever one day, and a diatribe about your feelings the next. They have to feel confident that every time they look at your blog they will be getting something useful from it. Do not post opinions, do not post about what you are doing, do not post about religion, politics, or sex unless that is what your blog is about. This is so important to having a blog work.

2. Not getting your own domain name.If you want a blog to work, it needs to be your blog. Having your own domain name is huge for a successful blog. It is something that is going to add some legitimacy for your blog. It also means that you are marketing yourself not wordpress or blogspot, or some other blogging company. If you have a blog hosted by another company, and it is working for you, switch it to your own domain as soon as possible. The initial outlay is not that expensive, and it is totally worth the exposure and the credibility it gives.

3. Not investing in graphic design. It is important to realize that the more professional your blog looks, the more serious people will take it. If it looks like something you threw together in your free time, people won't take it as professional advice, and thus, its usefulness as a marketing tool will be diminished. It is true that graphic design can be expensive, and there is no real way to see how many subscribers you get as a result, or how many you lose by not having it, but common sense, and marketing sense should tell you that more people will take you seriously if you look legitimate.

4. Using a poor email subscription. The email subscription program you use will make a big difference in how happy subscribers are. For example, if you post weekly or several times weekly, and it sends out an email for every post, that might seem a little bit over the top for your subscribers and they might unsubscribe just to not get as much email. Look for an email subscriber that allows you to brand those emails, and that doesn't send notification unless you indicate that you want it to.Aweber is a good program, and it is a bit expensive, but will be worth it.

5. Be consistent. A blog only works as a marketing tool if you post consistently. That does not mean daily, but people should know they can expect new information regularly.

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