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Blog marketing is not always easy

accountant37004036.jpgUsing a blog as a marketing tool does not guarantee perfect results, and it can be overwhelming at times. However, just because it is not always easy, doesn't mean it is a waste of time. Just because you may not see immediate results, does not mean you should avoid it. Most people find that their biggest blogging blunders come from taking the easy road instead of the one that pays off big. To use a blog for marketing, you may have to use some elbow grease. Here are a few suggestions for blog marketing, easy or not:

Create a plan. A blog sounds like a great idea, and could be a lot of fun, but what happens with the well of ideas dries up? If you do not have consistent content you will lose subscribers, and your blog becomes worthless as a marketing tool. So, your first step to successful blog marketing is having a plan. A plan should include three parts: A theme, a time frame, and a list of content ideas.

A good blog centers around one theme: photography, gardening, cooking, small business, six sigma, etc. If you stray from it, you won't have the subscribers you want because they won't be able to count on your for content that applies to them.

The second aspect, a time frame, means how often will you post. Knowing how many posts a year you will put up helps with the third aspect, content ideas, but it also gives your subscribers a reliable source to come to for information, which means more subscribers, which turns into more customers.

The third aspect, a list of content ideas is crucial to a successful blog. If you intend to post every week for the year, you need 52 ideas for post topics. So, make sure you always have 3-6 months worth of ideas available so that you never run out of things to say, or lose value. This is easy to do, and takes less than five minutes a day. Just keep a running list going that you can add to, and take time each day to make certain you do add to it.

Create a backup plan. While it is great to have a set of ideas ready for your blog, and a time frame, as well as a theme, remember that even good plans can evolve and become great. Leave yourself open to evolution. If you find that you are getting a great response to your posts, and people want more information, consider posting more often. If you find that your theme is too broad, and you are losing people's interest because you are just not getting specific enough into the things they want information on, narrow your theme some. The opposite may be true. Basically, pay attention to how your blog marketing is going, and be ready to adjust if need be.

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