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Be a unique blogger

laptop30349514.jpgA blog is a very useful tool for marketing. It is the perfect way to give your marketing campaign a voice, and a face. It is also a great way to get loyal, long term, customers, and keep them in the loop. The following is a look at how to be a unique blogger so that you catch interest, and keep it.

1. Don't let the overwhelming amount of blogs keep you from doing it.Many people think that a blog is a pointless endeavor because there are thousands of blogs out there on every subject imaginable, and they are all full of information, have tons of subscribers, etc. It is hard to break into the blogosphere, and get noticed, but it is worth it to try. The key is to do what it takes to stand out.
2. Realize that there is not one set thing or rule that sets blogs apart. Too many people want to know what the secret is to a unique blog. If there was one things that sets blogs apart, it would not be unique. However, being unique is what sets them apart. So, if you want to get noticed in the blogosphere, you have to provide something of value, and do it in a way that is somewhat unique.There is a large crowd of blogs out there, so don't just blend in and be part of the crowd, be unique. Help your blog stand out.
3. Once you have an idea of how you want your blog to be unique, it is time to implement the standard rules of making any blog a success. Those are as follows:
a. Look professional. If you want to have a successful blog, it needs to look like a successful blog. Sell people the idea, give them a picture of something that they will love, and they will love it. This means having your own domain name, so you don't look like you need a freebie blog host, but can afford your own domain. In addition to investing in your own domain, make sure that you invest in some great graphics. Your blog design can be inviting and give people confidence in you, or it can look like it was thrown together and make you look less than professional. The more professional it looks, the more legitimate your business looks, the more subscribers you will have. Don't short cut it.

b. Be consistent. You have to provide consistent content in both theme and quantity. Your subscribers should count on new information at specific times each week, month, or whatever the case may be. They also need to know that the information will be consistent. A unique blog does not have to be a disorderly one, it should be one that is full of information, each time you post it should be about the same basic theme.

c. Avoid controversial subjects. There are 3 no-nos for blogging unless one of them is the main theme of your blog. They are sex, politics, and religion. People feel strongly about this, and you aren't likely to change anyone's opinion on these subjects, rather alienate them, and lose them as subscribers. Not a good marketing ploy.

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