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Getting higher rankings

coworkersaroungacomputer22990951.jpgWhen planning the marketing strategies for a website, one of the most important focuses should be rankings. In other words, how can you get higher rankings? The following are a few of the best tips for improving your rankings, and optimizing your website:

1. Build links by linking to your own posts. You don't want to do too much of this, but links can really help you get rankings, and you are in control of your internal links. So, what you want to do is write posts that provide great opportunities to link to other posts. For example, you might have a post about dog grooming, and another about dog safety. They can go hand in hand. So, link the dog grooming post to the post about dog safety. When you build these links, and link to your own posts, you want to make sure that you link to the key posts on your blog, and provide places for readers to find further information.

2. Get external links. It is hard to get external links, but the are weighted heavily and are key in SEO. SO, you have to put in the work, and make it easy for other people to link to your site or blog, and to want to link to you. First, make your content high quality so people will be comfortable linking to you. Second, get listed on local directories etc. by taking the time to fill out the stuff to make it happen. Third, take the time to syndicate your content. Create RSS feeds, and the like. Make sure you provide a "link to my page" box on every page so that people can link to you, and when they do it is properly set up with the right key words optimized. This is all important, but remember that getting links is generally something that happens if you write good content.

3. High quality content. This is not a high tech way of increasing SEO, but it is a tactic that tends to work. Generally, if you provide good content, you get links naturally. If you provide good content, you get lots of traffic. If you provide good content, your readers will send other readers to your site. Your feedburner will show an increase in use, and Google will notice. The idea is that if you write something worth reading, eventually a lot of people will read it. This is very good for you. This means higher rankings.

4. Fresh content. Google and other search engines feed on fresh content. While alone this is not going to get you rankings, add it to plugins, external links, keyword optimization, and all of the other things that help with SEO, and you are going to find yourself up there with the search engines.

5. Key words. You want to optimize the right keywords, and you want to make sure that you don't over do it. So, put them in naturally, get them in the titles, and in your tags.

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