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laptop30347367.jpgOne of your best tools for marketing your website or blog is getting back links. Back links are a great way to generate search engine traffic. If you have good content, and your other parts of SEO are on track, it is time to put your focus to your back links. The following are a few ways to generate extra links in order to get better rankings:

1. Analyze your competition links: One of the best places to look for links is to look where your competition is getting their links. Now ask yourselfif there is any opportunity to get some of the same links. Often people who link to your competitor, are just as willing to link to you. For example, maybe your competitor gets a link from leaving a comment on a forum, discussion board, or blog. You can ask the blog manager if you can leave one as well. Usually they will let you leave a comment with your own link. This is a fast way to get some back links without too much trouble.
2. Link with other blogs. A great way to get links from other blogs you own is to ask to do a guest blog post, and let them do one for you. This is going to be really great if you have a relevant topic, or an overlapping topic. They might be willing to link to your blog just because they are a fan, or they like you. One of the ways to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities is to simply send out an email to your mailing list asking them to link to your blog. You can offer some incentive like a coupon or a discount for doing so.
3. Internal links are important. This is not a back link, but it can optimize your back links. For this, what you want to do is put in internal links linking your posts, and directing people throughout your site.
4. Pitch links to other blogs. One great thing you can do is create relationships with other bloggers in your niche, and ask them to link to the pages that you are trying to optimize. Usually if you are in the same niche they will scratch your back if you will scratch theirs. It works out well, and if you provide quality content, they won't mind linking to you.
5. Share links in social media. It is true that there are no-follow tags on some links in sites like Twitter and Facebook, but they can get you exposure, that leads to more traffic, which can lead to other back links. So, it is a good idea to push your posts on these social media sites, as it certainly can't hurt, and while search engines do not rate them as highly, they will notice if your links are being passed through a whole network of people.

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