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Key elements of a great pitch

So, you know what to avoid when pitching to a reporter, how to build rapport so they will listen to your pitch, and the basics of pitching over the phone, now it is time to get down to the meat of pitching. What are the things you should absolutely do and have when pitching? What are those key elements every pitch must have if it is going to be taken seriously?

The following are the key elements of a great pitch:

Position yourself as an expert. If you are an expert on nutrition and diet. You could say, "I'm an expert in diet and nutrition, and I invite you to please call on me if you need background, commentary, or story ideas about successful diets, nutritional needs, etc. as well as any exciting programs etc. going on in this community."

Get their attention. You have to make yourself interesting, and briefly. You want the reporter to think, "Hmm, they would be a valuable source, I should take down that person's name and phone number and put it in my Rolodex." If you start by saying, "Hi, my name is Joe Schmo. I'd like to talk to you about blah, blah, blah, blah." You've already lost them. Think of it this way, when you are flipping through the channels, if there is not action, no shooting, kissing, or dying, then you keep on flipping. The same is true for reporters. You have to give them a problem, and how you are the solution. Show them benefits and actions. What you have to do is mention the problem, and then you explain how you're the solution to the problem.

Be willing to wait for a story. If they are not interested in your initial story or pitch, you must be willing to offer yourself as a source to reporters who you pitch and who, for whatever reason, aren't interested in your initial story idea.

Show that your pitch involves a trend. Trends really make reporters notice you because they are what reporters write about. It can be either a trend that you are a part of, or perhaps a trend that you are recognizing in the particular industry that you work in. However, no matter what kind of trend it is, you need to use the word "trend" in your pitch.

Another key element of a pitch is to become a solution. If the reporter sees you as the solution to a problem that their readers, viewers or listeners are facing, they will jump at the chance to use your pitch. So, present yourself as a solution.

Show your difference, it is not news if it is not different. So, in your pitch, you have to show the reporter why you are different from everything else that is going on. This will make a reporter want to write about you. So, whether your marketing campaign is unique, or your way of conducting business meetings, show how you are different, and why it matters.

If you can do the above mentioned things, your pitch will be awesome, and chances are the reporter is going to love you for offering them such a great idea. They may want to use you again and again. One way to offer yourself as a continued source is to put together media tip sheets they can use. This is a sheet of tips that help others, and come from your expertise. So, look in your inbox tomorrow for some great ideas on how to put together your media tip sheets.

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