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Link Building to-dos

manoncomputer16487063.jpgOne of the best things you can do to market your business is have it get high rankings on search engines. That way people from all over, including local people, will find your business when they are in need of the product or service you offer. One of the ways to get at the top of search engines is to link build. Link building is an essential part of a long term plan for website success. This is sometimes called offsite optimization. It takes time, but it is worth the effort. Here are some tips for how to do so:

First, consider what you want and how you want it done. You want other people or websites to link to your site. However, within that you want them using the proper anchor text, and maximize the deep page content links.

Second, start your link building plan by doing the things that are easy, like submitting your site to the local directories, and standard directories online. Bing local, Yahoo! local, DMOZ, and other directories are a great place to start with your link building. From there, you want to take the steps to submit your content for syndication. This is a great place to start. Throw in a few extra things like a press release when you have a new product or service, or a big event, or something else that is newsworthy, and you are off an the right foot. However, you can stop there. The link building part of marketing is labor intensive.

Next, create RSS feed and submit it to feed lists. This is similar to submitting to directories, in that it is easy stuff, usually free, and only takes some time and effort. Don't skip it.

Next, get your current customers involved in helping you build links. A great thing you can do to get your link building going is offer customers on your mailing list free benefits for helping you build links. You don't have to phrase it like that, you can just tell them to help spread the word. Provide them with link text that they can use on their blogs, home pages of their websites, and more. If they do it, they can have a coupon, a freebie, free shipping, or something else that will give them incentive. This is great for you, and key to successful web marketing. For most people, if you provide the link text, and an incentive, taking a few minutes to do it in order to receive a free product will be well worth it.

Your next step in link building is to make it really easy for people who visit your site that aren't on a mailing list etc. What you want to do is provide a "link to this page" box on every page on your site. This way, no matter how deep the page, you can get links. Create a link with the correct keywords.

Next, to get links, ask for them. Anyone you know with a site, the people who link to your competitors sites, and the like. If you don't ask, how will you ever know if someone will link to you?

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