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DirectTV HD Receiver

More and more people are switching from traditional analog television to HDTV, or High Definition Television. Analog televisions are becoming obsolete as a result of HDTV's ability tobroadcast television programs at an exceptionally higher picture and sound quality than the standard analog television. The picture and sound are so good, in fact, that many people compare it to that of a movie theater.

HDTV has twice the resolution and picture clarity of standard television that is displayed in widescreen format, just like a theater. In addition, its digital format provides for clear surround sound.

The Direct TV HD Receiver
In order to receive HDTV, you'll need a special receiver. The HD receiver is responsible for receiving the digital signal from the satellite and then transferring it to the television set.

Direct TV has a number of HD Receivers, depending on the package you get and the features you would like. One of their most popular receivers, and the one usually provided when giving away free equipment, features the following:

  • The HD Receiver from Direct TV has the ability to receive hundreds of channels that are HDTV capable.
  • A DIRECTV Advanced Program Guide, which gives you listings of the various HD channels available at any time. This is accessible via the remote.
  • The ability to access up to three days of program listings.
  • Advanced searching capabilities, that allow you to look for a program by keyword, time, or name.
  • Multiple Output Jacks
  • A variety of screen formats, including 1080i, 720p, 480p, video 1/2 (480i), variable 1, variable 2, variable 3, and auto DVI modes.

How to Get an HD Receiver
Because authorized satellite dealers compete with each other for customers, many times you'll be able to find a dealer who will give you the equipment for free. This is usually a good deal, as HDTV Receivers can be pricey.

Be aware that many times, the equipment is merely leased to you as long as Direct TV is providing you with your programming; you don't actually "own" it. However, finding a dealer who will give you the equipment upon signing up could save you a great deal of money.

Installing the Receiver
Just as you may have received the equipment for free, many times you will find that the installation is also included when you sign up for Direct TV. This is nice because you will not have to worry about installing your HD receiver yourself.

If you are not getting your receiver professionally installed, it's important to read the instructions carefully so that you know exactly where everything goes. Check to make sure the equipment has all of the cables needed for it to work properly. You may need to go out and purchase certain cables yourself.

If you are having trouble installing your HDTV receiver, the user manual that came you're your receiver has an entire section of troubleshooting and frequently asked questions. Often, this section is enough for you to be able to determine where the problem lies and then correct it. Direct TV has a customer support hotline that will help you determine what is wrong with your receiver, whether you're not receiving sound or the picture is blurry, and then talk you through the steps it will take to fix it.

Regardless of the type of HD receiver you get from Direct TV, you can be assured that it will provide you with an enhanced television viewing experience!

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