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Repair a motherboard or buy a new one?

Have you received the blue screen of death? What about a slow running computer or one that tends to freeze up a lot and even shuts down? If you are dealing with these types of issues, you may have a faulty motherboard. Motherboard issues can plague your system and they can be a very costly thing to repair. If your motherboard breaks down, your likely going to need to purchase a new one. However you may be able to fix your motherboard for a lower cost.

Search in your local area in order to find a computer repair store. They may be able to provide you with the service you need to fix the motherboard. Contact them and get a price quote and compare it to the cost of buying a new motherboard and fixing up your system. This will help you to see if it is easier for you to purchase a new computer or if you should go ahead with the repair.

A computer that randomly turns off when you aren't expecting it to can be very frustrating, especially when it shuts off and you do not see anything that appears on the screen when you try and turn it back on. The one thing you can note is that the motherboard is shot if you cannot find an activity light when you try and turn on your computer multiple times. A mother board that fails is one that can frustrate you like crazy and it is something that is very severe and needs to be addressed.

Hardware issues are very concerning and they can prevent you from getting your work done and having simple access to the internet to browse your favorite websites and other things. To figure out if your motherboard is starting to have issues is when you see real write errors and other uncommon irregularities that are coming up when you use the system.

How often do you use your computer? If you use it for hours at a time, and you use it daily, and it is older you likely need to upgrade your computer. Sometimes computers are just going to crash and they cannot handle hours of work and they will eventually need to follow a traditional life cycle when they die. The hard drives that are incredibly powerful and have all the amazing processors and things will eventually crash, even with a lot of great computer maintenance performed.

Use a fan to help cool the computer in order to help it run properly. Motherboards will overheat when they are in a room where it is too warm and they are not being properly cooled. You need a fan that helps to cool it and you need to check the temperature in the room to try and keep it as cool as you possibly can. If the motherboard melted due to the hot temperatures then you need to have the motherboard repaired and then focus on keeping the room as cool as you can so you don't end up melting another motherboard.

Look online for a new motherboard as they can often be found cheaper through websites like Once you have found a new motherboard you then need to seek out a tutorial that will be able to help you understand how to locate the motherboard in your system and to replace it. This is not an easy process so it does help to use a video that will be able to aid in showing you what to do and to make sure you have installed it properly and that it is running.

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