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Tablet or a PC?

Few technological advances have become so explosive as tablets in recent years. They are remarkably small and lightweight and travel just as well, if not better than many laptops.There are many questions surrounding which is better, the Tablet or a PC.When choosing for yourself, there are many items to consider.

Performance and range of use will be two of the most important considerations when purchasing a new device.You may want to look at the GHz of processor speed, pixels in the screen, memory capabilities and types of drives. Tablets will receive the best combination of performance and range of use, but there are some features missing that may be crucial to your decision.

There are only three tablets capable of displaying DVDs.In comparison, just about all laptops are capable of viewing DVDs. Resolution and screen quality may also become important factors in your decision.Most tablets offer resolution of about 1024 x 768 and have a shorter battery life than most laptops. To increase either of these can become incredibly pricey. The iPad can go for upwards of $500 depending upon who you buy it from and the features it has.

Laptops, however, can also cost thousands of dollars, but those will far exceed any tablet and probably several desktop computers as well.When you narrow it down to just the features, you'll see that laptops typically cost less for the same features you can find on a tablet. The laptop can cost you $5,000 or more with all the features they have or they can be moderately priced at $400 or so but they won't have a lot of cool features.

There are two types of tablets: Slate and Convertibles. Slate models are flat screens with on-screen touch keyboards. In order to enter data of any sort, users control a tablet pen or use voice recognition software. Convertible models look like a small laptop with a separate, but smaller keyboard. The screen folds down when not in use.

While the iPad was the original shaker in this technological whirlwind, there are a number of very reliable and user friendly devices that have come into the market recently.

Apple iPad 2-What the original format lacked, the 2nd edition offers with a little more power but in a smaller size.Faster processors and 3G options through AT&T and Verizon are built in. The screen resolution remains mediocre and there is no Adobe Flash support.

Motorola Xoom- This powerful contender is a great alternative to the iPad. It features a larger screen and front and rear cameras. It does however, require a two year contract commitment with Verizon in order to purchase it at the lower rate. Otherwise, consumers are looking at $800.

Samsung Galaxy Tab- This is a much more affordable option offered by Sprint. It has a smaller, 7 inch screen and Flash capability.

Dell Streak 7 - Dual core processing 4G network, Adobe Flash support, cameras and Android programming make this a unique and powerful option for consumers. Just beware of screen quality and responsiveness.

Barnes and Noble Nook Color - this color eBook reader features built in wi-fi, a smaller 7 inch screen, and 8GB of memory as well as Word and a built in web browser. There are few other apps available and the battery life is much lower than many other tablets.

Whichever way you decided, make sure you take time to compare the many models available in both tablets and PCs before purchasing. If you have questions, talk to a reputable sales source so you feel comfortable with the large purchase and understand that there may be contracts or additional fees for whatever unit you choose.

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