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Saving time with the task manager tool

When you are at work, you have so many things to do that it can be easy for you to get overwhelmed and sometimes you just forget about tasks. This is the same with your computer system, it can get overwhelmed with the programs that it has on it but it will crash instead of try to prioritize the tasks to know what to do. This means you are stuck with wasted time as you need to wait on the computer to reboot itself and to deal with all the various annoyances. The task manager tool is something you really need to get familiar with because it can save you a ton of wasted time and will allow you to complete all of your projects and things.

The task manger makes it much easier for you o be able to run several processes on your computer at the same time. You have the option to set the programs that you would like to have running in the background as you work on other things. This first came about when Windows XP was released and users have appreciated it ever since. The Task Manger allows you to have more control over your computer and will allow you to easily fix programs and things that are taking up too much memory and delaying the performance of your machine.

A lot of people will turn to the task manager when they are hoping to stop the computer from freezing up. Let's say you are online and doing some web streaming videos and then it freezes in the middle of the video. What do you do now? You can try to reload the video but this can often cause the entire Internet to freeze and you can't do anything. Since you are stuck on this page and nothing is working you turn to the CTRL + ALT + DEL tool in order to end the command to have it up and running. Typically you will click on it to end the process and then you will get an error message that says the program is still running and so forth and then you do the forced ending of it. Then you have to wait on the task manger to send the message to the program to end it, where you will get another message asking if you want to send an error report.

Killing the unstable program is a great way to get yourself out of a jam when you are trying to avoid restarting your computer and you are in the middle of a project. However the task manager will kill the program so if you were using Word and you didn't save, you likely won't have all the latest information you typed into the program. You will only have the latest information from the last computer save but sometimes the computer will do a recovery of itself and it will be able to provide you with the last information that was on the program you were using.

To prevent programs from taking up too much memory and destroying your system you should use the task manager ahead of time to set priorities on things. Access your task manager by right clicking on the taskbar and then going to the menu where you can select "task manager". Now click on Applications and look at the various processes that your computer has. You can now go ahead and select the ones that you want to have a priority. You can have them as a low option or a normal option. Once you set the priority click on OK and they will be set.

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