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The best tech gifts for men

With Fathers Day around the corner do you have an idea as to what you want to give that special man in your life? Men love tech gifts as it is a cool gift but also something that they can take and show their friends. Men love gadgets, no matter what type of gadget you decide to get they will surely be impressed with it. Make sure you know your man well before you go out and spend money on something like an iPad when all he really wanted was the iPhone or an Andriod phone. Listen to the special man in your life and you will be able to pick up some clues as to the type of tech gift that they would most appreciate and then you can purchase it, while being assured that he will love it.

Look into the newest products on the market. Men love to have tech gifts that no one else has yet or they like to get tech gifts that are unusual. If he is a smoker, give him an electronic cigarette. This is a great way to encourage him to quit smoking but it is also something that he may enjoy as he is able to show it off to his friends and may actually appreciate that you care about his health. New inventions and unique products will peak the interest of just about any man, this is why stores like The Sharper Image remain in business because they do have so many unique gadgets and things for men to play with in the store. Sometimes getting your man a new tech gadget is as simple as looking at things that he already has and either adding to it or getting him the latest version. Here are some awesome tech gifts for men:

  • Xbox Kinect. If you already have the Xbox console you are in luck as you only need to purchase the Kinect software and some games. This is one of the fastest-selling gaming systems out there right now. Unlike the Wii, you don't need a remote control to operate it as you are the controller. You have a motion camera that you need to stand in the vicinity of and then it will recognize you and track your movements. It is a great way to get your man off the couch and to get him moving because the Kinect is all about body movements. A really good system will cost about $400 and then you need to purchase some games to go with it. It usually comes with the Kinect sports game but there is a handful of games on the market for the Kinect that you need to get in order to get the best use out of it.

  • Andriod phones. These are very popular smartphones right now and they are actually outselling a lot of the other smartphones because of how fast they are and just how user friendly they are as well. Look into the HTC line of Andriod phones but if your man really wants an iPhone, don't cheat him and get him the phone he really wants. It will make him much happier in the long run.

  • iPad 2. This is the latest version of the iPad and it is so popular that it is backordered just about everywhere you do. This is a very cool eReader and Tablet PC in one. It comes with all the cool features of your iPhone and iPod but on a larger screen with even more apps on a much larger screen.

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