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Reviewing the Nook color

With so many eReaders on the market it was only a matter of time before we would see companies like Barnes and Noble take that next step forward to create their own eReader as well. Seeing how popular the Amazon Kindle is, Barnes and Noble knew they needed to step up big with an electronic reading device of their own. Their product is known as the Nook color.

What is the Nook and how does it compete to the other eReaders o the market? The nook is in between and eReader like the Amazon Kindle and a little bit of the Apple iPad. It is not nearly as advanced as the iPad but it has some cool features that you don't get with the "standard" eReaders on the market. The Nook color is just starting to get attention from readers and it is not heavily marketed unless you want into a Barnes and Noble store where you will see a large section of the store has been removed to make way for the Nook. Head to the store so you can test it and to see if you like it at all.

The Nook is light and it is designed for the user that is a bookworm, much like that of the Amazon Kindle users. It is a very eye-friendly device, which is appreciated for the users that literally have hundreds of books on their eReaders. The big problem people have when they are looking for an eReader is that you want one that is easy on your eyes but it is also nice to have one with WiFi so you can download your books and other content easily. What the Nook color can offer is the best of both worlds. You will have the WiFi when you want and need it but you will also have the easy on the eyes appeal of the Kindle because it has a very user friendly back-lit display. However comparing this back to the Amazon Kindle means you will be disappointed as Kindle uses e-Ink to make it appear as close to the real print on paper as possible. Opting for the backlight display gives the Nook more things to work with like the internet and bringing in color schemes and other things.

One of the nice features to the Nook color is the price. You only have to pay $249 for this eReader, which is a huge advantage when you compare that to many other eReaders on the market. It has additional capabilities to it as well like a color screen for you to upload pictures and read magazines. It also comes with music capabilities as well so you can listen to your tunes on the go. How about "book on tape"? The Nook also has this as well! You can find the book you would like to read and the Nook will read it aloud to you. This is great when you are in the car and you are hoping to finish some chapters when you are driving around in traffic.

Nook has 8GB of memory, which will leave you with plenty of room for hundreds of books and excess space for a lot of other things such as your pictures and your music files. You might be sold on this eReader but when you compare it to the battery power of other eReaders on the market you will be annoyed. It has 8 hours, which isn't bad but if you start opening music files, pictures, and your books at once it will take more of the battery. Reading the text does cause eye strain and this is only because you are used to the eInk or traditional ink.

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