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Understanding Rational Unified Process

What is a rational unified process and how does it work exactly? Rational unified process or RUP is known as division of IBM and it is used with the production of software. The RUP program is created in order to provide you with templates along with guidelines that help you to develop programs and other things. The RUP program is created in a 4 stage program. Here are the different stages and how they work exactly:

  • Inception. This is the phase is where a parent idea is created and then it is moved into a product vision. You have to create the business context and look at the financial forecast of your company. Software of this type will allow you to have assessments of your financial forecast of the company and many other things. The overall program is to come up with an outlook for the organization and to provide you with a great way to keep the company running properly.
  • Elaboration Phase. The phase that you have now is a high risk phase and it is where you need to analyze the information and you are able to acknowledge performance needs of the company. There are so many different areas that need to be brought together from a number of scopes and functionality.
  • Construction Phase. This is the area where you have a software system and it helps to create the actual project. You need to use the software to create an application and the right components for the project you are working on. This is the phase where you have the source code and you have an application data and you have to create a high amount of quality and to optimize the source code so it works correctly.
  • Transition Phase. This is the last phase is where you have the completion of the development to the actual production phase. This is the phase where you understand how your customers are satisfied with the project. You will go through a bug fixing phase along with defect identification along with improving performance and overall usability.

The Rational Unified Process is something that needs to come together all in all to bring you the right type of system. It is necessary for the program to be able to be trainable for your staff in order to make it work correctly. Here are some of the things you will see for proper operation:

  1. Correct hardware

  2. Proper conversion of data and transferring to a new system from old hardware systems

  3. Launching of your projects

  4. Improving on future processes within the company

The RUP has several different practices which are able to prevent flaws and a lot of other things that can ruin your business. The entire goal of this system will be able to help you with efficiency in the company along with many other projects and other things to keep the company running in a correct manner.RUP is a very descriptive process and it is something that does need to be learned. It isn't always an easy process and with the right type of training you will have higher quality along with many other things such as better service and reduced costs for the company like cheaper IT costs. The process needs to be implemented in order to properly understand it but to also figure out how it will be able to come to your system at your organization in order to help you understand where you can implement it for your company. In the end you will have greater ROI for the company and an efficient process.

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