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Saving money on video conferencing

Are you using video conferencing? If you aren't using this type of technology in your business, you really need to. Video conferencing is a remarkable technological advancement over the past 5-10 years and it has really opened up business connections all over the world. With video conferencing you can easily have a face to face meeting with your business contacts without needing to fly 19 hours to see them. It saves you both time and it can save you a great deal of money as well.

Large companies that are spread out all over the country or world often find great benefits to video conferencing. No longer do they need to call into a phone line and just talk and hope their employees are listening and getting the information you need them to have. Now you can actually see your employees and they can see you. You can do a presentation to them and it's a lot easier for them to understand what you are saying and doing because they can see you, not just hear you and assume things.

Webinars are great for your customers that would like to learn more and are needing a presentation from you. Use the webinars to present the information clearly and directly and to really work on building relationships even if you are not able to physically be in the same room as your clients. Many religious organizations are using video conferencing to connect with their members that are all over the world. It is a great way to connect and to save money.

When it comes to video conferencing, there are a few things to note. First what provider will you use in order to set up the meetings? Skype tends to be a very popular choice but many people are also using Google as well because you can talk on your gmail account. Once you go through the list of the various video conferencing options you have, make a decision and move forward with it.

Second, get yourself a good camera. Many laptops come with cameras and they do a decent job but you want to come across as HD, not pixilated. Look for a computer or purchase an additional camera for your computer so you have a high quality camera. If you want to win over a lot of clients, getting a good camera and broadcasting crystal clear messages will really help you out. Plus the camera will help you out as you create viral videos for your company.

As you are presenting a teleseminar you have to remember all the people that are seeing. Everyone that is on the call will be able to see you and they will get your video presentation. Watch the pitch and tone of your voice so it too comes across clearly and so that you don't have issues when you go live. Be prepared with your presentation and email files to the conference members if you want to do a presentation that they can watch on their own. Running a webinar is a tricky business as it may take you awhile to figure it out. You need to know what your audience wants so you must leave room for questions and do your best to answer them and to control the situation so you don't get off track because of the questions.

Video conferencing is truly a great way to cut down on your companies expenses and to really enjoy connecting with your customers in a new way. Just look for a good VoIP provider and also keep in mind that some of your video messengers may be on their cell phones as well.

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