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Google TV versus Apple TV

Looking for a new type of technology to add to your living room? If you have heard about Google TV, you may be impressed by what it can bring into your home but what about Apple TV? The technology giant has also released their own type of TV to add to your home and both are competing to be the source of information in your living room. With the TV options you are able to search the internet and pull up YouTube videos and other things right on your TV, which allows you to connect on a number of different platforms.

Apple TV
So which is better? It depends on your preference but at the moment Google TV is outselling Apple TV but Apple TV has really advanced on what it has to offer and its moderately priced at $99. With Apple TV you will have a small box that uses the same A4 chip as the iPad and iPhone.The new TV has a small black box that can fit into the palm of your hand. Like many Apple devices, it doesn't get hot and it doesn't need a fan to help keep it cool.

Apple TV doesn't use much energy, in fact Apple says a nightlight uses more energy than their device. With Apply TV you can steam movies, TV shows, along with browsing through photo albums and many other things. You have all of your iTunes media on the Apple TV as well and you can use a very small remote control that looks like the original iPod. The video is very clear and it doesn't freeze up or have issues. Similar to DVR technology, you can pause your shows as you watch them and rewind to watch your favorite moments over and over again.

To use Apple TV you will need to purchase an HDMI cable and you also need to have a widescreen TV to use it.The new design is very sleek and it is worth a look!

Google TV
Now that you know more about Apple TV, let's take a look at Google TV and find out why it is so popular.Google TV brings the internet to your television. Like normal, you can watch TV, pause or click over to the Google channel to bring up the internet and watch YouTube videos and other things. Google TV is based on their Andriod operating system, which is one of the most powerful yet. It allows you to do more in a shorter amount of time and it makes downloading videos and other things faster. Like Apple TV you can pause, record, rewind, and do other things with live TV.

What makes Google TV great is that you can use your smartphone as the remote control. Now you don't need to worry about losing the remote because you have it with you all the time. Google TV also comes with multiple apps for your TV as well like sports channels, Napster, Twitter, Netflix, Pandora, and many others. With Google TV you can watch TV and browse the web at the same time, allowing you the ability to multitask!

To get Google TV you can purchase it as a standalone TV or you can purchase the Logitech Revue or the Sony Internet TV Blu-Ray. The TV with Google TV is about $600 whereas the Blu-Ray player runs $400.

Both TV systems are impressive and they both target a similar audience. One is geared toward Andriod and Google lovers while the other is geared toward Apple and Mac lovers. The good thing is both enhance your life in a different way and do provide you with a new television viewing experience.

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