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Group messaging applications

What is the difference between the various group messaging applications for smart phones? The top four seem to be GroupMe, Kik, Beluga, and Fast Society, but what makes them unique? These apps allow users to share photos, chat within the app without being charged for text messages, and three of the four enable location sharing.

A group texting app that allows you to share your location and photos with groups, as well as use push notifications instead of SMS messages. This makes chat easier. You can also join groups, see your connections and those of the people in your group, and evaluate your data connections. It is a great group messaging application. Normal text messaging fees apply when you use this group application.

Fast Society
This is a SMS-based service. This app allows for photo sharing and location sharing, as well as an option to switch to in-app messaging so you are not using SMS. It allows users to set up a time frame for the conversation, which is nice. Normal text messaging fees apply when you use this group application.This tool is similar to a mobile message board, but it is a great way to get in touch with all of your work colleagues, or college friends, etc. at once.

This app was acquired by Facebook and allows users to send instant group messages, photos and location information across multiple platforms, it also offers a mute mode. It is a free way to stay in touch with your friends, and it is available on both Apple products and with Android based mobile devices. Those without a smart phone or device can participate in these chats using SMS or a desktop computer.

This is another group messaging application that allows instant messages between groups, and a photo-sharing feature. This application does not have location sharing. However it is an extremely popular group messaging application and can be used with both iPhone and Android mobile devices. It is a more flexible conversation platform, which is why it is in this list. Even people without the application can participate in chats with those using Kik.

Having a group messaging application is a good idea, and which is better really depends on what you are looking for, and whether or not their particular set up is easy and intuitive for you. Most of them offer the same basic features, and all of them allow for great group messaging. Some make it easier to leave conversations, and let them continue with out you, others require the whole group to participate, some offer a little more flexibility. To determine which group messaging application is right for you, make a list of what you will be using it for, and find the one that best fits those needs. Also, give them a try. They are all free applications and can be used with iPhone or Android devices, some with your computer.

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