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How can software prevent carpal tunnel?

If you are like most computer users, you likely have some pain with carpal tunnel syndrome or at least wrist pain. This is a problem for a lot of people and it has been a plague for years. When you use your hands and wrists a lot and you start to feel numbness in the fingers and hands, you are experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome. Writers commonly experience this but it is also common to see this happening with pregnant women and many others. If carpal tunnel syndrome is severe enough, it can actually cause people to miss work and to start getting on medications to reduce swelling along with wearing wrist splints wherever you go to try and reduce the pain.

Technology is an amazing thing and now there is a program that is promising relief from carpal tunnel syndrome. Besides just going to a physical therapist and doing a lot of exercises and changing the way you sit and type, you now have other tools that can reduce the damage and can help to provide you with relief from the pain that carpal tunnel syndrome causes.

What are some of the tools? Take a look at the new program known as Google Motion. This is an amazing advancement in the way you open and respond to your emails. With Google Motion you will use your traditional camera on your computer and then repeat a series of motions to open and read email. It's similar to the way the Xbox Kinect works as you will memorize a series of motions and then perform them in front of the camera to spell out words and to send your email off. Its unique and it is still in its early stages so it's a little rough around the edges but it is a great way to eliminate some of the excess typing you may do at your desk all day long. If you haven't take a look at Google Motion it is time to head over to the largest search engine system to see how it works and if you want to give it a try.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is also being relieved with new keyboards and mice that are not as hard on the joints. The goal of these devices is to eliminate how often your fingers need to move around and to keep the commonly used keys right on the main bar so you are able to eliminate moving your fingers all over the keyboard to try and get the information typed in. The mouse isn't as big so it won't hurt your wrist if you do use a mouse all day long. Then of course you have devices that are used to support the wrists to try and reduce the pain and tension you have on the wrists as you are tying.

Shortcuts are another great tool to use to reduce how much typing is going on. Always look for the keyboard shortcuts so you don't have to use your mouse all the time and also so you don't need to type all the time. It will save you a lot of time and all in all it does help to reduce tension and stress on the wrists. Take a look at Macros as they will save you a lot of time and they are used to bring you information quickly and to help you with large documents and other things.

Dictation software is another great asset for you to use if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. This way you won't need to type because you can just dictate to the computer the information you would like to say and it will automatically type it in for you. Dictation software is great and it really can help you to reduce how much time you sit around typing.

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