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Advances in technology over the past 10 years

Over the past 10 years there have been huge advancements in technology. Some of the technological advancements have been great while others haven't been what we are hoping for. However no matter what side you are on, you can find some pros and cons to the advancements in technology over the past decade. The past has been able to pave the way for some of the amazing advancements like the iPod and the iPad, two of the recent technologies that have truly revolutionized the way we work.

The internet is of course an advancement that is always growing. Over the past 10 years we have been able to see some amazing things like being able to pay your bills online and have video chats. This allows families and friends, even business associates to connect all over the world as you can talk to one another and actually see one another as you talk. Companies like Skype have definitely revolutionized the way in which we are able to connect with one another. Now the internet is more than just something you access on your computer, you can access it on your phone and thanks to Google and Apple you can have the internet available on your television set as well. This type of access keeps you up to date with just about every single detail of information out there. With all these great advancements comes some things that are pretty scary like online predators. As parents we all need to work with our children and teach them about the dangers of the internet as well as great things that the internet can provide. Always set parental controls as it will allow you to keep your kids a little bit safer and can prevent you from having a lot of scares with your children's safety.

3-D technology is a huge advancement over the past decade. While we have seen it around for awhile, the huge strides it has been able to make are impressive. Movies like Avatar just aren't the same when you see them "normally" compared to 3-D technology. Now you can even have 3-D in your home with new TVs and also new computers that allow you to have gaming and movies in the way they were shot. 3-D is the latest craze and many people have it and absolutely love it. The thing with 3-D is that it will only continue to get better and better and more programs and things will continue turning to 3-D technology for additional performance and other things.

Cell phones are not called cell phones anymore, now everyone refers to them as smartphones. The smartphones all come with the internet on the go along with other cool things like Word, Excel, and anumber of other great programs. Smartphones aren't cheap but they are definitely a valuable resource to everyone that has them and they are pretty cool. The iPhone and the Andriod phones are the ones that are currently leading the market and they truly come with a lot of unique tools. Compare them to the phone that were around 10 years ago and you can see the huge advancements as back then none of the phones even had color screens and cameras on them.

Another thing that has come a long way is customer service. Now you don't just have a phone to call someone, you go through a series of automated things before you are able to talk to an actual customer service representative. The automated feature is nice for the company but they are pretty annoying for the most part.

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