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Internet services on airplanes is the next big thing

airplane30902462.jpgWe have all been in the situation, we are traveling and we need to check our email.Whether it is personal or business, having our email accessible is the connection we have to our friends, family and work.It can be one of the most stomach dropping experiences as you walk onto an airplane and know you can't finish the business deal or conversation you have started.But it can also be a benefit if you are starting a family vacation with your family who love nothing more than their cell phones.Being able to check your email and have internet access is part of the bright new future for the airline industries and your flight plan.

As you decide which airline or flight is right for you, consider the option of internet on your flight.As mentioned above, having access to the internet will not only help you during business hours and business negotiations, but it can help you keep your connection to the outside world.There are also many of us that love to get on a plane knowing that we won't be able to connect with work thru internet.The three hour flight we are about to get on is our chance to review over our notes and meetings we had for the day or prepare for a presentation.Many families may not want the internet on a flight either.When taking a family vacation, many time parents will not allow cell phones or laptops on vacation.It is time for your family to spend together without the outside world.Prepare yourself and your family for when the internet is more accessible for your family to use.

Not all airlines are on board yet, but more than 950 planes in the United States now provide web access thru a company called Aircell; and the number of planes with web access is expected to be at 2,000 by the end of 2010.With this service, you will be able to not only access your internet, email and personal information on your computers, but you will also be able to use some cell phone and tablets, such as the iPhone and iPad.

To have web access to this program on your flight, you will have to be willing to pay a small price.Where it stands right now, based on a survey done, less than 10 percent of passengers are willing to pay for the service.This result may be due to short flight service, vacation or flying during non business hours. Currently Aircell will charge you, the passenger, $5-$13.00 depending on the duration and location of your flight.You will also be offered a monthly subscription for $34.95.Prices are expected to decrease as the service becomes more and popular and is used more. Airlines that you can expect to see Aircell on are American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, AirTran Airlines and new to the program is Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines is one of the first airlines to offer their passengers free access with the internet.Your access will be limited to the SkyMall retail shop, tracking your fights progress and different games for you to play.Keeping passengers busy and occupied with their time will help the flight progress faster and will also keep the mind functioning.It is also expected that other airlines will start to follow suit and offer this free service to their passengers.Having a free service will also benefit the airline companies.They will be able to expose and market their airline while you are flying with them and can charge you a higher ticket price as well.

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