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Managing with positive language

Positive self talk can do a lot for a business manager. It can focus actions and provide an enabling energy. Just think about the "little engine that could" and you will understand. Repeating a positive phrase can help direct actions, and create belief in ability, which can then translate into actions and ability.

Criticism can be crippling- As a manager it is good to remember that while it is good to ask employees to improve, and to evaluate their work, criticism can be crippling. This is especially true if the employee suffers from any kind of self-esteem problem. Do not walk on egg shells around your employees, and do not be afraid to evaluate them, just remember to do so in a constructive manner. Help them see weaknesses as opportunities to improve and grow, not as a slap in the face.

Mental practice of positive self talk- Teach yourself and others to practice positive self talk. Like that little engine, talking positively can bring about positive results. Consider the following:
1. Talk positively to yourself. Words like, "I can" are extremely useful.
2. Mentally picture yourself accomplishing the task. Visualization is very useful. It helps focus the mind, and helps you believe in yourself too.
3. Stay concentrated, relaxed, and focused.
4. Mentally practice the activity. This helps you work through kinks.
5. Repeat the mental practice over and over.
6. Smile while practicing so you can simulate enjoying the success.
7. Work on eliminating destructive thought patterns. You can do this by choosing to think of other things. Focus on the positive.
8. Imagine positive outcomes, not negative. This is again a plea to focus on the good, and not expect the worst (plan for it, yes, but don't expect it).

Stop using doubting language- Doubt language can really hurt your team's momentum and their belief in abilities. Ask yourself if there is an element of doubt built into your language and what you can do to change that. If you need to, practice phrasing things in a more optimistic language Practice makes perfect, so practice, practice, practice.

Remember to make it fun. Whistle while you work. Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply turn the unpleasant tasks into something more enjoyable by making the best of it. Did you know that making a game of it, or whistling while you work can make work fun. Even the most tedious of tasks can be given greater meaning and become less tiresome if you put a positive spin on them.

Managing with positive language is an effective management strategy because it banks on the idea that if you work hard at making the best of every situation, you will have the best. If you remember that failures and weaknesses are simply opportunities for improvement and growth. And if you help bring out the positive and optimistic side of your employees through positive language, you will be more efficient and happier in the workplace.

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